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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Shakey, Oct 5, 2006.

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  1. Those of you with a medical background or just the plain morbidly curious will find some interesting stuff here:

    Some of the phots will make you wince.
  2. Duuuuude thank god i've eaten already, check out those amutations uuurrrghh
    Hats of to the medics, can't be doing with all that.
  3. OMG Andy is going to wee himself!
  4. OMG!!!What a site!blood snot gore abounds,total bloodfest!Some real nice Images of nasty injuries there.Its gonna keep me happy for ages that one!
  5. Yuk! [​IMG]

    I can almost smell that!

    Interesting! What I hate is the smell of blood and Dettol combined. Cue: passing out on hospital wards as in/outpatient.

    I'm looking forward to the bit on radiation burns. Will that include the reddening of the skin and oedema in someone's arms?

    Take a look here...
  6. FFS please stop posting horror pcitures, you are making me throw up, I have a delicate constitution you know.
  7. The Chainsaw Abdominal Injury pics are pretty cool!
  8. Mind you i wonder what was going on in this blokes head!



    Going to take more than a packet of Soothers to sort that one out.
  9. OK kids; enough with the gore. I'm Ok with links for those to choose to view but come on. - Referee!! Difficult enough to face eating the crap they serve as food round here without these added attractions.

    Anyone got a bucket?

  10. WIMP!
  11. Wot, one of these?


    Or one of these?

  12. Like this?

  13. No one of these

  14. Nah this is a Bucket

  15. No dear that is a woman in a hat ...
  16. as is this

  17. Look's more like her head is impaled on a fish skeleton. What have those fish heads been up to?
  18. How about more of this...?

  19. No no that's quite enough of that, here in honour of Hig is a french pussy

  20. But is it shaggable?

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