Trapping on a train

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Jacque-le-douste, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. Come on then lads, who's got their leg over on a train coming back from weekend?
  2. I did! It was on the Pompey to Waterloo train. I was going to the smoke with a young lady, for an illicit weekend, we couldn't wait to get there. So we went into the loo on the train and did rude things just outside Guildford station just as the train entered the tunnel. One of my claims to fame! We had a bl**dy good weekend as well!
    The two of us also many a good evening on Hilsea Ramparts.
  3. I was going for a Sunday shopping exped to Brighton, and as we stopped at the station the driver appeared from his cab and demanded 'a kiss for the driver, please madam' I duly obliged, with tongues and a good grope. Poor woman behind nearly fainted.

    It was the POS before anyone gets over excited!
  4. Never actually trapped her - as if you could! - but met Cynthia Payne (?) on the train back from Pompey to London. Hasten to add that she had retired by this time and was standing for parliament.

    For people who do not know she ran a famous brothel in Streatham and took Luncheon Vouchers from the great and the good, escaped jail first time as the Judge/Magistrate was one of her clients but was eventually sent down and wrote a book about it.

    It was hilarious! Guy sitting opposite me asked who she was and when told retreated behind his paper. She was with what can only be described as a man in in a dress and a wig, and was off to meet Screaming Lord Such for an election campaign meeting.

    Best journey back from Portsmouth ever!

    Met her again in the South of France but that is another storey.

  5. Ah! London to Brighton trains, especially late night ones, muggins hasn't got enough fingers to count; well worth the price of a day return!! Even Haywards Heath became vaguely interesting!!!!!!
  6. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    1989: 'working' at Leander Refit Group in Rosyth bringing the Scylla in and waiting to take the Juno out. Weekenders with two others so caught the Friday lunchtime express from Inverkeithing to King's Cross, as I was living in London. Grabbed a four-seater, with the fourth seat being reserved from Edingburgh.

    On arrival a divs woman, late 40s, well presented, blonde hair, sexy Canadian accent, takes the empty seat. I believe she'd be known in the trade as "Grade A MILF". Anyway it transpired she was rich, successful and touring the UK to visit distant relatives. Subsequent trips to the buffet car include booze, which causes the lips to loosen and the topic of conversation to become more risque. (I must point out at this time that I was only 19 and very single at the time and my two shipmates were either married or engaged. And I also had a big thing about older women...) :twisted:

    Anyway I began to notice that whenever I left my seat to go to buy booze or use the toilet our female passenger would follow me. Took me two trips to realise she was being more than just friendly... suffice to say that on one of my trips to the toilet cubicle she was waiting outside for me to finish. As I opened the door she stood in my way, pushed me back in and joined me. I won't go into graphic details but the immortal line: "Are you trying to seduce me, Mrs. Robinson?" were going through my mind... 8O :oops: :wink:

    I told her she had 20 minutes to stop what she was doing, and rejoined my colleagues.

    My only regret was that I never accompanied her for the rest of her journey - I 'carried her bags' to Victoria Station where she continued to Sussex. She offered to put me up for the weekend but I had family commitments to attend to... why the feck didn't I tell my Mum I was Duty Weekend or something?! :cry:
  7. Returning to Birkenhead 1970, between Bristol and Birmingham: and the bitch never even wrote a thank you note..
  8. SPB,

    You are officially my hero! I dream about long train/plane journeys with a Joanna Lumley type sexy older lady to corrupt me.

    I nearly joined the mile high club on a crab flight to the States but I'm afraid I let the side down because despite the offer being made crystal clear she was just far, far too ugly for me to go through with it.
  9. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Jambosun: Thanks... :wink:

    A true dit, too. I wouldn't lie to you - I'm a copper, after all... :twisted: :thumright:
  10. Is there ever such a thing when present with one of lifes "once in a lifetime" moments - like joining the Mile High Club or Train sex etc...
  11. It was March 93, Achmed was returning from stockton on Tees after a reunioun pi$$ up with his Pongo Pals, settled in to a seat near the window for the long journey back to Cornwall, the seat next to me was reserved from Doncaster, nursing a hangover all was quiet, Doncaster next stop!

    A very nice good looking lass takes up the reserved seat, we start talking almost imediatly her name is Louise, she also been on the lash with some of her Matlot friends, me being an Ex Bootie & Pongo her being a Jenny..lots in common...being the gent that i am i decided to get some beer & bacon butties as we were both nursing hangovers.

    Me and Louise were enjoying each others was if no one else was in the Bristol we were kissing chating laughing.....this was very pleasant......I needed to go for a waz as i went she said i need to go as well within seconds we were both in the sh!tter and i was up to my nuts... this was fantastic.........she ended up coming to my place in St Ives we were at it all night........I drove her back to base in the morning.............I had a good 3 yrs with Louise before it went in the shape of a Pear.....................AHHH I still [email protected] about it

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