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  1. I lived in a block of flats when I first married my present war office,.. in the block behind lived a bloke and his Mrs who we knew.
    I say knew as apparently I didn't as well as I thought. One day whilst working with him and it was hot really hot I insisted the twat take his gloves off so he could really work instead of fluffing around.
    He said did I know the secret my Mrs had discovered about him?
    What the fuck you talking about I asked?
    So off comes the gloves and painted nails or what.
    I asks him whats the crack, apparently I'm the only fucker in 10 Navys don't know he's a tranny.
    So its suggested I go over his drum and witness the fucker in drag, I refused as I did not want to go to a drag show just for his sake.
    A few days later the boss gives me his wages and I take them over. He's dressed says his Mrs. I should fuckin hope so I say its only 4pm. On entering the lounge I see what she meant.
    Sitting on the settee is this apparition in a yellow dress.
    Now any woman who went out like he looked would get laughed out the district.
    Everything about him was OTT, his clothes his hair and certainly his makeup.
    He looked like a bloke taking the piss out of a woman, fuck me I dressed up at a holiday camp once for tarts night and looked sexier than this prick and he was supposedly doing it as a serious thing.
    I sat in front of him and told him...
    S.... if you were a real woman I'd fuck a panto horse rather than you.
    The twat burst out crying.
    Apparently it wasn't the wind up I thought.
  2. We still have MOD's ?.
  3. Butcher in Wigan, fat bloke, red face, fingers like a pound of Walls best pork sausages, one morning shop opens and he's wearing a frock, blonde wig, makeup the full issue, and behind him on the wall a hand written note, Dave would now like to be known as Davina, now you've all heard that you can't polish a turd..........
  4. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Walking down Whitehall this afternoon, expecting the barriers to be clear and do a bit of sight seeing: "It's still blocked off" I thought perhaps a guards RSM said. No, a big unit with long blond hair, dark nail varnish and a dress, I'm too stunned to speak 'cos this thing is way bigger than me, my son is stifling a giggle and wifey is doing her best do be polite.
  5. My old man is an ex PO Gunner, told me once about the (as far as he knew) first transsexual in the navy, Definitely the first he ever had to instruct at the very lease . The person in question was male to female hated by all the wrens, no surprise there though. Just wanted to ask if there are many serving just now, makes no difference to me if they are are not I call manly looking women mate anyway. Political Correctness is not one of my strong points :???:
  6. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    that'll be Janice probably? not too many serving now , about 1 in 8 at a guess. We 're fucked as they get the surgery free.
  7. Going on looks alone that might be the case for the country :(. Did Janice or whatever get it for free while in the Navy? Can't imagine many people not noticing that change... Ah well lets hope they will pay for my hair transplant since I will be a baldy fucker by the time I join.
  8. When you white fuckers drop your trolleys at the medical how can they tell what sex you are?
    I'm guessing the Adam's apple?
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  9. .................................

  10. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Don't know i was joking.
  11. Rummers that’s obvious, we stand there and look like white men and not Black cnuts:toothy8::glasses4:
  12. Fuckin doctor must come from Krypton to be able to see your cocks.
  13. The use of magnifying lenses in not obligatory but the option is there, to find the big chip on the shoulder of small Willy black men, who believe what they have is big cus that's what daddy said.
  14. You been following me to the boys room?
    If you copt a skeg of mine you'd think you was looking at it across the room with the hubble telescope.
    To find your we would need the fuckin hubble scope.::laughing7:
  15. My bold
  16. Don't need no scope just a mirror to see round my belly
  17. 500115504_217.jpg

    here you go......
  18. We got issued sum fin like that wiv a candle on to look under cars, may be they knew I wud need it to see my willy
  19. I was nonchalantly standing talking to a PO wren at Pembroke main gate back in the day, resting on the handle of said apparatus.
    Having at the time the ability to multitask I was admiring the grand bulge up her kilt, when she cottoned on.
    Instead of causing trouble she took me out.
    She wasn't the div-id most specimen on offer but worth a squirt, and as it would have been rude not to I did.
    Three weeks into our torrid encounters, her other half a civvy and one or two close friends also took me out.
    Two cracked ribs, three broken knuckles and two chipped vertebrae on landing.
    But at least he would never truly feel the sides again.
  20. Dits aside guys I was Janices DO for a while and guess what she's rather a nice person, I found that of the few trannies in the services one is a Tornado navigator or was then and another a tank driver!! Several Wrns had boob jobs paid for by the pusser - Seymour Division Drake I could write a fcuking book!!

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