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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Father_Famine, Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. Just followed a few links from here and found a report of HMS Manchester visiting Liverpool last year.

    It states she has been fitted with a Transom Flap, what is this all about?

    Ships with flaps, I know they are refered to as a "she" but, what next getting the 909 domes augmented?
  2. Due to the type of Blade now used, a transom flap is fitted to increase speed and decrease wake.
    Its not a flap as such, more like a spoiler on a car, but underwater :)
  3. Ahh, I see, I suppose it reduces that Urking great fountain of oggin that shot up out of the back end of a 42 when the skipper put his foot down.

    Shame, we used to see how long we could get the gash bags to stay with the ship.

    I suppose they arent allowed to ditch them anymore, MARPOL and all that.

    What fun you are missing, what do you shoot at these days?
  4. Killer tomatos

    Gen dit - all clips on
  5. ^^ He aint lying 8O
  6. All jests about the term aside, the Canadian Navy's new ORCA class training vessels have a stern flap or "shoe" that increases the top speed through some sort of hydrodynamic magic. See photo on this web page:

  7. G'day Lamri.

    Thanks mate, that had me completely stumped.


  8. lol np Pb :D
  9. The Manchester was in Liverpool last month
  10. Is this a version of the 'Hydrofoil' ?
  11. Thanks Andym , fairly straightforward stuff
  12. Transom Flaps are not new, the Brave class FPBs (Borderer & Swordsman) were fitted with adjustable ones to reduce 'Slamming' when running at speed in lumpy seas.

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