Transition Plan 2 -7 Weeks (ELC)

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  1. Category Telecommunications

    Seven weeks based at the National Training Centre in Lincoln

    • -Level 3 C&G 3667-03 Unit 301 Concepts of Designing and Planning a Network Cabling Infrastructures
    • -Level 3 C&G 3667-03 Unit 302 Design and Plan for an Internal Network Cabling Infrastructure
    • -Level 3 BTEC Advanced Award in Managing PONs & Air Blown Fibre Systems
    • -Level 3 BTEC Advanced Award in Access Networks
    • -C&G 6156 Unit 2 Signing, Lighting & Guarding
    • -C&G 3667-02 Unit 101 Basic Principles of Communications Cabling
    • -C&G 3667-02 Unit 102 Fibre Optic Cabling in an Internal Environment
    • -C&G 3667-02 Unit 103 Fibre Optic Cabling in an External Environment
    • -C&G 3667-02 Unit 104 Copper Cabling in an Internal Environment
    Included In Package:
    • Additional two week commercial work placement attachment after your training.
    • CV tutorial and job search support.

      CTTS is an ELC approved training provider and funding for resettlement courses may be available.

    For more information on this course and details on how to enrol, please follow the linkā€¦

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