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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by WreckerL, Oct 19, 2009.

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  1. Just seen a programme on the telly about transgenders and a female to male has to have testosterone jabs for the rest of his/her life. As the forces now take transgenders (and there are a few already) I assume the MoD supplies this drug and the same for male to female (whatever they take).

    Question is does a ship or unit get prior knowledge to a transgender joining so they can stock up and what happens if, for example, they get kept out and the drugs run out.

    Just curious
  2. I'm assuming that they'll only be drafted once the op is complete and the switch is permanent.

    Otherwise they'll probably need to change messdecks as they become girlified? And if they run out of meds, they'll need to change messdecks again as well as uniform, name, etc etc.

    It'll cause JPA a few problems I reckon!
  3. Knew a few WRNS in Faslane who could, at the time, grow a better set than me. I never asked, scary 8O
  4. The testosterone jabs are needed to masculinise the body habitus and deepen the voice (an irreversible process) whilst preventing gynaecomastia. Without the jabs gynaecomastia would become a problem. There is no need to change accomodation once the operation has taken place, which in female-to-male subjects means the destruction of the female genitalia used to form an artificial penis.

    So Wrecky told me ;)

    Now muscular, tat encrusted, WRNS with beards is almost enough to turn me straight! :razz:
  5. Sounds like my EX wife.
  6. Cor!! Keep talking; I think I need to go and empty the seminal vesicles! :oops:
  7. Shit O Dear..What are you guys on ships/subs going to do? Have three heads..One for men, another for women and some weird duck that can't figure out what door to use. Yeah, I am not politically correct and I and friends do have a cure for this
  8. I was under the impression that if you had to take meds on a regular basis that you would not be eligable to apply serve (different for 'conditions' aquired after you join), if this is correct that would mean that those undergoing transgender changes would not get past the medical stage.

    Please anyone who is in the know correct me if I am wrong
  9. I know of one transgender who's joined post-op and of a Chief Gunner who's had it done since, hence the enquiry of how the mob handles the meds side. Since been told that units do get advance warning so drugs etc can be ordered in.
  10. Wrecker, thanks for that.

    Now my question has to be, if a medical condition that requires regular meds to control to date would bar a person from joining, are these rules going to be relaxed as they have been with transgenders or is it a case of positive discrimination?

  11. Hmm, and exactly what would that "cure" be then? Let's see how far you will go in a public forum with that train of thought......
    And as for it being a "disease", this just shows your lack of intelligence on the subject. I don't claim to understand what makes people want to change gender, but I know what makes me feel like I am a man, so I can only imagine the confusion someone must have at feeling like one gender trapped in the other genders body.
  12. I think you could be right, imagine the furore on the civvy outrage bus if a transgender was refused entry. Everybody would accept it for any other medical condition, maybe it's not regarded as a medical condition by the powers that be?
  13. Transgenders in the mob, whatever next, serving schizo's? Pack of nonsense, a slap round the chops is what they need.
  14. The requirement to take Hormones on a regular basis must make it a medical condition, even if it is not classed as a medical condition, they require to take the meds. There are a number of chronic medical conditions that are easily managed by taking meds that bar people from joining the Forces purely because they need to take the meds, Soooo by my way of looking at it, they should either bar transgenders from joining, or review what is classed as a medical bar to joining.

    After all, it is only fair in the modern pink and fluffy navy, otherwise it is not beyond the realms of possibility that they could be looking at discrimination claims
  15. Hmmmm! Stoker you just put words in my mouth. I did not call it a disease! And, if they are trapped..It is not their bodies. It's their mind. How far will I go? Hell, again I ask..What door are they going to use?
  16. Your original quote does indeed call it a disease, and I quote "yeah I am not politically correct and I and friends do have a cure for this disease"
    those are your words in your original post are they not?
    Regarding where they are trapped, I feel that the answer is probably their minds/emotions are trapped in the wrong body. I mean after all, who can explain why certain traits attract them to certain types of women/men? Why do some men like big boobs, some small, some long legged women, some blondes, some brunettes? Who can explain EXACTLY what attracts them to these types? I know I can't.
  17. Stoker..
    Went back to where this site started and still can't see where I said anything about disease. They are just fu..ed up individuals that should keep being civilians. Again, what door will they use. Loosen up! Hell, if I could meet you over a beer we would probably be friends.
  18. Hey I'm not having a go at you here, but your original post which I highlighted clearly used the word disease. Sorry, but it's there in black and white.
    Personally I think if the person concerned in now fully female, they use female heads, pre-op I think it's probably best they use a trap in the male heads, it really wouldn't bother me that much.
  19. In answer to the OP, interesting question, but a lot of us remember the whole debacle when Wrens were in the WRNS and before they were at sea. Plans to make 'em all eligible for sea (or leave) were launched and the WRNS lost their blue badges.
    People with one functioning brain cell in the mess wondered if they would all turn into knife wielding maniacs 5 days a month, and if they would be pregnant before the blue peter was hoisted, but after some inital shagging, disratings and the odd discharge SHOR, things settled down and it was much the same as shoreside. The men behaved like immature kids and the girls like, well, I'm not going there.....(I like sleeping in a warm bed and eating hot food, in case the Mrs is watching). Anyway, my point being, it was a big change for the Navy, having to have separate messes, and since the dabbers were no longer the only girls on board it took some getting used to. So I think the problem of a transgendered person wouldn't be such a big hurdle, after all the WE chiefs have been cross dressing for years, haven't they? (..and not just at the sods opera....)

    Anyway, onto the nasty undertone of homophobia. Gender identity and sexual identity are not the same thing, as our very own Thingy will tell no doubt, when your chromosomes don't add up, you can be not quite all the way male or female. If you bother to look up human fetal development, you will find that you start out female (hence why we all get nipples, and can develop gynocomastia and even lactate), and later develop male characteristics (e.g. testes) if the Y chromosome is present and working, but it all gets complicated from there. You might have a little y, or be XxXy, or even end up hermaphroditic, with working testes as well as ovaries, making you a good athlete and able to cry at crap movies. Does this make you any less human? I expect if you're southern baptist you think it makes you an offence unto your god, but personally I'm not arsed. There's enough self important bumholes in the world without me worrying if someone was born with knockers or had 'em off to feel right in their own skin.

    As to the question of whether it constitutes a medical condition or what, I suppose that depends on the level of impairment if a person were not able to have the drug treatments. Like diabetes, there are many levels, some manage without insulin. Some transgendered people don't have all of the gender reassignment surgery, and hence don't always require drug therapy. I expect Ninja stokers (or SuperMario's) input on the recruiting side might be most enlightening, as although I know he leaves the med stuff to the scablifters he might know if those kinds of operations or conditions in any way affect the application process??
  20. :thumbright: I've alwyas liked cats you know, sensible creatures :lol:
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