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Discussion in 'RMR' started by stab_monkey, Apr 22, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys I'm looking for some serious and not too abusive advice:

    I'm in the RMP (TA). Recently there's been a big push to improve our Inf skills, due to the way we are deployed and embedded these days...anyway...

    I've found I quite enjoy this new side of life, and have got the Inf bug (the doctor says it will clear-up with a few pills) so I'm considering moving to an Inf unit.

    For the extra challenge, I'd popssibly like to go RMR

    Can you transfer from the TA to the RMR, or do you leave one and enlist again in the other? Does anyone know what happens regarding pay and rank (yes I know I got my stripe free with my cornflakes) as to be honest I don't have the experience to be a Sect 2ic in the Inf/RMR role but the extra dosh does come in handy, and I'm sure you guys wouldn't want some Monkey turning up talking about stuff you've been doing for years and I've done 5 mins.

    Any genuine experience / advice much appreciated, failing that witty abuse is always welcome!

    edited for my terrible typing
  2. Your silence tells me all I needed to know!
  3. It's not a direct tx.

    Get in touch with your local unit and they will be able to help.

    If you need to know some POCs, drop me a PM and I will get you some phone numbers.

  4. I'm sure it is possible but it probably involves a lot of paperwork. So it might go into someone's "all too difficult" tray.

    I did look at moving from the TA to the RNR in the early 1980s. I suppose I did have the "advantage" of having been through Dartmouth and Fleet Board. I decided not to in the end because of geography (nearest RNR unit was hours away) and, to my surprise, I got a promotion.

    I have spent the past 20 odd years saying, as ex-RN, I've been on missionary work to the Army. :lol:
  5. You will not transfer, you will need to go in as a recruit and do the course.
  6. i concur with Harry Masker, it is not possible to "transfer" from the TA. The routine is that you leave the TA and join the RMR.
    You will not be able to keep your rank.
    The only thing you will be able to bring accross is your length of service to count towards the bounty increments.
  7. Firstly get some info from the people that have been there and know the answers to all your questions. Secondly, what Unit would u be looking to join???. If it is RMR BRISTOL then I can help in a big way, which will result in you better your beret quicker than you think. Give me a ring on 01179 733523 Ext 219, I will sort out your paper work and make the transfer as easy as poss.

  8. You need to leave and join the RMR from the start. I know a good few guys who were in the TA before they started training who had to be dischrged and apply from scratch. Interestingly, they all rapped their tits in... funny that. The only way you can transfer is if you are already a commando trained rank, which I assume you are not. Good luck.
  9. Hi.

    I'm in a similar position to the initial poster - I'm in the TA but considering moving. I'm an Medical Officer - does anyone know what impact that would have on changing to the RMR? It sounds like I'd lose rank (from Maj)- and I also expect I need to do the Reserve AACC (in fact I'd hope to have to do it.)

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  10. Most units have a medical branch, and they're pretty well utilised.
  11. Thanks for that. I think I've heard about a Regular Army MO who served with the Commando Log Regt - I was wondering if I would be attached to the RMR but remain in the Army? I appreciate it's a pretty specific question (I'm planning to approach the local recruiter soon) but anyone any ideas?
  12. OK Gents you are all a little out of date......since the arrival of JPA this is all much easier. Provided you are a trained soldier:

    1 Interview with CO and USM of your chosen RMR.

    2 If they like you then you will have to get a letter from your existing CO saying they are happy for you to transfer and when he will release you.

    3 The paperwork is done by the JPA gurus at FLEET.

    4 In short all that will happen is that your employer will change on JPA from the ARMY to the RMR. V easy, v simple and v quick.

    BTW You will keep your Army number after you transfer! Numbers are now tri service. You will be transferred as a Mne and will have to undergo recruit trg.

    That is all.
  13. And I take it that is rct training from Day 1? With no PRMC required for trained soldiers? Is that just Inf? Or is it open to fat slop jockeys and logisticians types? And, obviously the 99.9 etc., will be able to transer back to Perce upon wrapping? And what about transfer from RNR AWFP? And RAFAux Rgt (for they know what colour the boat house do be)? Just asking afore any other bugger does. :whew:

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