[/code]I want to transfer from Her Majesty's beloved, turbo harry von wazzzzzzzzbats Corps to the Army, the dark-side i know but, it seems to be my only option to fly Apache?!!!!

So how the funk do a transfer?! Can i do it TriService?

Any help?


I'm sick of dodging 7.62 and wanna rain down 30mm hurt bombs to unsuspecting bad Muj. :lol:


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Yep, the RN & RAF indeed have few Apache helicopter pilots.

The best way to transfer is obviously whilst still serving as any other way is a very high risk strategy employment-wise, in these days of bouyant recruiting.

As with most jobs, highly sought after trades are heavily oversubscribed, so you'd be advised to contact the Army firstly to see if you meet the entry standards. For civilians joining as Apache pilots, you can only join as an Army Officer (7 GCSE's & 2 A Levels) although Other Ranks can apply for aircrew, (and a commission) from within the service

RN/RM wise, you "just" need to be recommended further service & have manning clearance to transfer. Army wise, you need to speak to determine a projected career-path.

Another thought - if a Royal (?), why not go for aircrew first, then try for a transfer?

Best of luck.
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