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After a bit of help really, I'm looking to transfer to aircrew observer. Myself and my DO both believe I meet the educational requirements to do so. I was hoping someone on here could talk to me a bit about process. I know the major key points like FATS and AIB. It's just the process involved with it all. And also if anyone knows of any MESM that have done this before myself ?



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I know of a Killick Stoker who became a Harrier pilot (gen), so it is achievable but the advice is to drive it forward yourself by undertaking the research and legwork as your source branch doesn't stand to gain anything by going out on a limb on your behalf and your target branch aren't going to be reaching-out to you until you've got yourself through the selection pipeline.

Pretty sure you know already, but BR3, Chapter 50, paras 5011, 5012 & 5015 is your starting point.

Good luck.


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Don't know of any MESM's that have done it but I do know quite a few ratings who have gone from the ranks to Observer. Like Ninja, I know of a chap who went from GS to rating aircrew then transitioned to Harrier jockey. Last I saw him, (Asda Weymouth!!!), he was a LtCdr. I believe he's flying for Sir Richard now a days!!
Good luck, everything is possible.

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