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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by History_Man, Oct 1, 2008.

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  1. I am a 35-year-old Maj in the TA, currently commanding a sub-unit on the outskirts of London. I am due to finish as OC in the late spring/early summer of 2010 and have not identified any job which I would wish to do thereafter (irrespective of whether I have the actual ability, I have no desire to be a CO - I quite simply lack the time). I have given serious consideration to transferring to the RNR (assuming that it would have me), in order to learn new skills, face new challenges and, perhaps, complete some unfinished business from my misspent youth (I desperately wanted to join the URNU at University but quite literally turned back from the door at the very last moment; predictably enough, I ended up in the UOTC instead, albeit a couple of years later on). My question is this - could I find a place in the RNR and carry on serving whilst wearing a different uniform?
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    By way of into, my background: Ex Regular RN SNCO, Former 2i/c Oxbridge URNU (Tri Service, co-located UOTC/UAS/URNU), currently RN,RM, RNR & RMR (Other Rank) Recruiter.

    It is indeed possible to transfer to the RNR from the TA, however as you'll appreciate it doesn't happen often and therefore "local arrangements" would probably be the name of the game with regard rank & seniority.

    An interesting avenue to explore would be in the role of Training Officer at your nearest URNU as a List 7 Reservist, transferring your land-based skills to sea-going navigation perhaps. With regard keeping the same uniform, I'm guessing, but I'd imagine you'll have to dye it a shade darker.
  3. Be Honest here, A Major in the Army? you are taking the piss.
  4. A Northern Unit has a Lt who used to be a TA Major. Don't see that much of him though. Also that unit has lost an AB or two to the TA so moving is possible. (A former First Lt of VICTORY was in theTA once upon a time and I know of one subaltern who ended up a Submarine Driver.)
  5. I've met quite a few cross-deckers going both ways and at varying levels of seniority/experience so it can be done, has been done and probably will continue to be done. Good Luck.

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