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Discussion in 'RMR' started by GwaarSoldier, Apr 28, 2006.

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  1. Hey guys. I'm in the TA at the moment and am thinking about transferring to the RMR. Does anyone know whether i'd have to start the first phase of basic training again or would i be able to go in with the recruits preparing to do the Commando Course. Also, could i keep the trades i got in the TA (ie: PTI?)
  2. Yup mate you would have to start over again, the training is different, that happend with a guy I knew who used to be in the infantry and he had to start all over again.
  3. Transferring will require you to be discharged from the TA and to join the RMR as a fresh face (joining the navy for its service number).

    After that it will depend on which RMR unit you join as I have known a unit to excellerate the recruit through training after assessing him. However another RMR unit may require you to start from scratch. You would have to prove yourself to have the required level of field skills (even though you have experiance) and that you can still perform physically.

    As for the PTI trade. The RM PTI badge and qualification is different (I'm a RM PTI) and would require you to do the new RMR PT2 course. Having already done it with the TA should stand in good stead for getting a course.

    If you are good enougth with your previous TA experiance then toy could also be excellerated on to the RM JNCO's course if you required.

    Befor you jump ship have you considered a Commando TA unit, their are a few around the country and it would mean not losing your trades and qualifications. 8)
  4. I have looked at transferring to a TA Commando Unit but the only one nearby is 131 Cdo RE and (though a good unit) Engineering just doesn't do it for me. I just feel that if i'm going to go for my Green Lid, i should do it with RMR. I don't have objections to starting over as a nod and re-taking the PTI.

    And just want to know something. Was on exercise down in Plymouth and did cliff assault techniques with the Mountain Leader wing of 42 Cdo and met RMR. Why do the Reg RM call you all 'Rubber Daggers'? :lol:
  5. Ref "Rubber Daggers"....
    Cos they are living in the past...."RD" was a derogatory applied to the All Arms Cdo Course which was for otherwise unqualified pongos to get a green hat so they could provide engineering / arti / med etc support. having done both regular and reserve service, i am pleased to say that RMR are now more fully integrated AND DEPLOYED within the parent Corps. The modern attitude is "Auxilliary not Reserve". The "R" badge has been dropped from the uniform accordingly. Anyone that has managed to hold down a job while also getting his phys sorted and his admin squared has ( my humble...) acheived something easily as tuff as a full time cdo cse at CTCRM. Here ends the lesson (praise be to dog).
  6. cheers. The RMR guys didn't seem to pleased about being called it. Any tips on preparing for Cdo training? i consider myself fit but i know im not 'Commando' fit. do circuit training, running and hill walking etc but would really appreciate advice from someone whos been through it.

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