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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Barney!!, May 16, 2009.

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  1. Hi,
    I'm coming to the end of my commission with the RAF, looking at joining the Corps and am after some advice. I'm 28, almost 29 and dont fancy civvy street but looking for something thats more challenging than what I've done. My mates been in for 4 years and from what i've heard the corps sounds right for me. I'm not interested in getting a commish, have done my life quota of paperwork already! Basically wondering how pension and things will work if I join. Will my RAF pension be incorporated into an RM one??

    Thanks guys, appreciate any help

  2. Will do mate, cheers!
  3. hi people i used to be a royal marine recruit but left through injury then decided a while after leaving to join the army instead for some bizarre reason and now regreat it more than anything.....since ive done all my training and trade training what would the chances be of transfering back and would i have to start day 1 week 1 of commando training?
  4. Is there any way for you to go to the commando army regiments ?, Its not quite the same i know but its the next best thing, and they pretty much do all the same excercises anyway.
  5. to be honest i dont wana be in the army any longer i put in to leave but there giving me time to think which is why i wana try get a foot in the door to go back to the marines,ive been told i can join one of the army regiments but 1 its not the same and 2 the quality of guys that are int he army compared to the marines is VERY different,im thinking towards goin to do my prmc again and jus start week 1 day 1 but if theres another way to get pushed ahead im all ears?
  6. cool beans thanks

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