transferring to the Australian navy ?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by natalieb123, Jun 3, 2010.

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  1. hi im waiting to join the navy - got to wait another year and a bit to get in to my choosen branch.
    im just wondering how easy it is to transfer into the Australian navy, ive always wanted to live there and after ive done so much service in the British navy would like to think ive got the option to do this, but still stay in the navy as ive always wanted to do this.
    my brothers in the navy and his friends just got a transfer into the Australian navy a few months ago. is there a certain length of time you must serve before you can do this? and how quick is the process?

    any help is much appreciated :)
  2. Ask your brother's mate
  3. Your commitment to the Royal Navy is admirable and I really hope you get your transfer after the Royal Navy provide your training.

    No, I really do. Australia's full of deadly spiders/snakes/sharks and most things that may kill you with ease.

    And Australians.

    Good luck.
  4. Motivation for joining the Royal Navy - so the RN can invest lots in training me before I bugger off to the RAN.

    Make sure that's on your application form.
  5. You can't "transfer" to the Austrialian Navy. You can apply just like everyone else. You could apply once you have submitted your notice to leave. As AngryDoc said, why would the RN invest in you and then give you a transfer. It doesn't happen.
  6. Fair do's Guzz, this exchange thing works both ways and after all sometimes works for you as well as against.
    After all, you pomms got me. 8O :roll: :D

    Shut the fuck up JJ :D
  7. Natalie...did you brother's mate go to Aus via the 'operation longlook' (a long look posting has a duration of around three months) programme or has he actually emigrated for ever?
  8. That's different; you were won in a game of cribbage aboard HMAS Dingo. The RN Admiral who won you thought you were the ship's cat, and by the time he realised you were a nigger it was too late. :D
  9. emigrated forever i think

    and im not just joining to get the transfer, if i was going to do that id just move there when im older !!
    ive always wanted to live there, just want to live there doing a job ive always wanted to do.
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  10. Drakey has explained about 'transfer'.
  11. You just want to join the Aussie Navy because of this don't you?

    Don't worry the RN have games like this too but they just don't publicise it quite as well as the Aussies.
  12. As per Drakey, there is no actual transfer or system of transfer to the RAN, or to any of the other colonies, Canada for example. What you do is apply to join and emigrate almost as anyone ekse does, but by doing it whilst in the RN means that you will have the benefit of experience, so you will be a desirable product as it were. However, I would exercise caution at joining the RN soley for this purpose. The rules are always changing and it might be that when you apply the Aussies just say no. They don't have to give you a reason why...and then you might find youself stuck in a job you don't like. Think it through very carefully...and when you've done that, think it through again...

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