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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Popcorn, Feb 25, 2016.

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  1. I'm seriously thinking about transferring over to the Royal Navy Police. I was just wondering if anyone has done it recently? How long does it take? what's the interview stages like etc.

    I'm curently a LWtr.

    Would be grateful for any info!

  2. You can write then? You're overqualified...:rolleyes:
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  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Don't know about sideways entry, but the branch are gagging for applicants.

    We are pretty much imminently about to recruit direct entry RN Police for the first time. Details yet to be released but there are already 12 training places pencilled-in for december this year.

    All we know so far is there will be a GCSE requirement, but even that is shrouded in myth & legend:

    I'm guessing, but would imagine the interview for in-service transfers will be a board of three, each will say 'ello, the first will say what's all this, then and the other two will try to record it :)
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  4. Baby reggies at Raleigh!!!!, class leader material straight away :(
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  5. Thanks for your reply! I did hear that the RNP were going to start direct entry but wasn't sure how true that was. I'm sure that will ruffle a few feathers!
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  6. Better order extra pillow cases....;)
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  7. Are they going to get their Killicks Rate on completion of crushers course (however unpaid) as the Crabs do ?
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I would imagine they will get accelerated advancement to Leading Rate.

    Likewise, we re-invented ME Advanced Apprentices this last week. Who'd have thought?
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  9. I had a informative brief from a killick reg the other day, he spoke about the direct entry RN police route. From what I remember him saying was that they will join Raleigh, do basic training, go to a ff/dd and be the "EWOs bitch" while dipping in and out of the RN police stuff and then the EWO and RPO will write a report on them stating if they have the potential to be a LREG, if so, they will go do that training then LRCC and pick up. Not sure if he mentioned what happens if they don't get the recommendation.
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  10. That's interesting :)
    Is the word 'Artificer' being used?
    Or are you sort of paraphrasing?
  11. They join in pairs, the other one reads!
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  12. Sent to some-other under recruited branch? I hope they can cook!! :rolleyes:
  13. No, there's just chance for Engineering Technicians to the streamed into a fast track promotion.

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  14. Reggie's always try to ruffle feathers, submarines did not have them at sea, but the twats were always waiting when we got back, as I walked past reg office in Faslane, hair a bit long, infermus call, hoy you, so I walks on, some snot nosed killick Reggie catches me up, still shouting, hoy you I was talking to you, I looks at him and says, if you wish to speak to me without knowing my name, it is Chief to you leading hand, now scurry away and find someone else to annoy. Thought he was going to burst at the seam's.
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  15. I wonder what happened to RR's pet "snake in the grass"/mod?
  16. As most regggies are failures in their source branch how are they going to recruite them now? :confused:
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  17. Those that fail Raleigh, one comes to mind?:oops:
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  18. Round 2

    REA and I walking down the boat the next morning, we have not even been back of patrol 24 hours, Hoy You, ignore and keep walking towards steps down to tunnel.

    Hoy You Chiefs and the patter of feet behind us, we stops and turns, and there is the Chief Reggie all red and flustered, either from running, or excitement of going in for the kill.

    We starts with morning chief what can we do for you? Not a flinch! straight into his patter about shouting at his loyal guard dog, obviously guard dog has been bleating to his master, he is stood right behind his chief with a big smile on his face, we points out his guard dog is a leading hand, and since when does he get to give shit to Chiefs, chief, now he is confused as someone has had the audacity to answer back, retorts with, do not call me chief you call me Master, got him, REA of West Indian origin, says in his best West Indian accent, I call nobody ‘Master’ and without stopping say, and another thing chief you are out of the rig of the day, you should be wearing your cap when outside in rig during the working day.

    Whilst chief reggie is well confused and his loyal guard dog is no longer smiling, we leg it down the steps and into the tunnel, report our run in with idiots to Coxswain, he could not speak for a while due to tears rolling down his face. He told use to keep our heads down whilst he sorted out the reg office?, no probs we are off on mega extenders, It was Tuesday?

    It was around that time we were given a 72 hour amnesty period on returning from sea to make ourselves look and smell like matelots, after some dit, not sure if true of a reggie being called down a boat under sailing orders?
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  19. How about getting yourself down to the regualting office and making an equiry. They should be able to answer your questions as they have the experience.
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  20. Crack on matey.
    Your only other friends will be other reggies whose only aim is to drop none reggies in the crap.
    A job for a truly disturbed individual and own branch failure.

    I am sure their mothers love them................maybe

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