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In a bid to stem the tide of ex-pat Brits moving to Canada, I've made it my life goal to move to the UK. :laughing2:
In all seriousness though, I'm a British/Canadian citizen currently in the Canuck Navy, and was wondering if there RN has any sort of program in which I can transfer there, or if I just have to start from scratch?

Appreciate the help,

Hi JC,

I recruit for the RN in the UK, and I believe your only option is to Apply to the UK Navy, sit and pass the selection, wait for an entry as a New entry. When you have a date hand in your notice with the Canadian Navy (CN). This also depends on you not having any reserve time to serve in the CN. You can not transfer over directly and it's very unlikely that you would be given any advancement.

If in doubt try contacting our overseas recruiting line - 0044 1604 640015

best of luck if you go ahead with it

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