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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by theoriginalphantom, Apr 11, 2006.

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  1. One of my Squadron is keen to transferr to the RM as a Medic.

    He's currently as Class 2 Combat Med' Tech' and only 5 months out of training. He has not yet approached the RCMO as he wants to go armed with the relevent information.

    Does anybody have any useful information for him?
    Whats his best course of action?
  2. been a while but I'm pretty sure he would have to leave and rejoin as RM and go through all of the training. And of course with Pusser being his usual friendly self, you can almost bet your mortgage that your guy will end up drafted as anti tank, mortars, chef or clerk IF he was to make it through training. Anything but Medic.
  3. Thats been my guess, but he's got a long wait till he can sign off!
  4. CTC runs Potential RM courses (PRMC) for matelots who want to retread. Perhaps your man should enquire about one of these.
  5. Phantom,
    What service? If he is a matelot then he can obviously serve with the Bde via the AACC as a Coy medic. If one of the other services (Sqn = RAF?) then there is a way through while staying employed. One of my lads went PTI in the RAF. THe system is Admin heavy and the G1/A1 chain nees to get amongst the DCIs. Fortunately my Adjt ran it all through as he had done it before. The CO had to sign off on it and the basic bottom line was that the gaining service and the leaving service had to aggree it was in both their interests. If the lad has not completed his return of service he may struggle to convince the powers that be that it is in your services best interests.

    If he wants to become an RM then he needs to do the whole of recruit training - if on the other side he has an Infantry background i know the medics branch is hanging out and he could get into the RN as a medic and then AACC (All Arms Commando COurse) into the RM

    In short - DCIs for you my friend! ENjoy.
  6. Before you ask i don't know which DCI -ask the clerk.
  7. The poor deluded lad is in the Army, I've promised to find out all I can for him as I (apparently) run the squadron training wing here. if anyone does know which DCI/DIN to look I'd appreciate it.

    I know that we have had people refused transfer between trades within the Army as they have not reached class 1 level in their original trade.
    That rule seems mad though, 'you have to do a job you don't want to do and take up a place on a class 1 course that someone else could have, before you can go and do something you do like' this does wonders for retention of course.
  8. Royal has plenty of RMMA's and a long waiting list for those that want to be!

    He would definitely have to do all of recruit training and possibly get pinged chef/clerk/bum boy/wets bitch

    It's highly unlikely that he'd be accepted from CMT to MA anyways as CMT's are all SH_TE box painters :lol: that include black serpent halfwits also :!:

    His best bet would be RN recruit training and MA branch followed by attending the AACC

    Alternatively he could try for the AACC and get himself to 29/59......Rumour has it that RMMA's are filling holes at the Citadel sickbay at the mo anyways :roll:

    50% informed opinion, 50% recent int

  9. The above post is correct

    Your chap could do his all arms commando course then he will be able to work with 29 cdo or 59 cdo and he will be able to be drafted within 3 cdo brigade as a medic, as i have met a few cpl cmts who have done this whilst on Herrick 5.

    I am a RNMA with bootnecks and once your in this world you tend to stay there as the brigade need all the company MA'S they can get, and its a great job.

    all the best
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Some generic advice with regard Transferring to or rejoining the RN/RM.

    Generally the Army are loathe to permit "in-service" transfers, but if it can be done, then it's far, far better (and quicker) for the individual.

    As stated above transferring to the RN as a Medical Assistant then conducting AACC to qualify as an RN Commando serving with 3 Cdo Brigade is possibly a good option if he wishes to be a medic - if he fails AACC, he's still a Medic. If he goes for RM Commando & fails, he's out of a job.
  11. I met a few Commando Trained Naval Medics in 3 Cdo Bde. They were really good lads. Some of you may recall a guy nicknamed Sinbad during the 80's. He was a top guy.

    If your friend is thinking of this, I wish him luck with acheiving his goal.


  12. :lol:

    I would suggest he joins the Navy as a "Medic"

    do the AACC and get attached to 3 Commando Bgde?

    (Happy New Year btw) @ (anyone remember "Jock Tully" 42 Cdo Ma?)

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