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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by amazonian, Jan 21, 2007.

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  1. Hey guys. What are the chances of transferring to a different role in the Navy once you have been in a few years? The reason I ask is, I wanted to join the fleet air arm as aircrew, but I do not have the minimum qualifications. My plan is to join another trade and study for GCSE's and A levels. Then after about 2-3 years in trade I could apply for aircrew with the qualifications and experience necessary to become an officer. At least then if I fail I still have a career in the Navy.

    If I was to choose any job in the Navy other than pilot, I would probably choose something that involves IT, because I have a HND in computing. When I went to the careers office I was given a brochure on Communications technician, but when I got home and read the brochure it seems to be more intelligence gathering than working with computers, which seems great but I don't know if it's ideal for the path I want to take.

    Any advice here would be great guys because I find it nigh on impossible to get to the careers office because of work.
  2. HND in computing??

    You need to join as a WE Officer mate. Do not seel your self short in any other trade/branch
  3. If it is a real HND in computing it is a better qualification than any GCSE.
    in fact in my day you could use your HND to transfer to a degree course and end up a couple of years later with a BSc. The HND consists of various subjects studied to various levels. Some of these levels should equate to at least GCSEs and others to A levels.
  4. OK, I'm not clear on what your situation is so here are a couple of clarification questions.

    When you say ''Aircrew'' I'm assuming that you mean pilot/ observer? The entry requirement is 140 UCAS points and 5 GCSEs, which is the lowest level of entry requirement for an officer career. Do you mean that you're not qualified for officer entry?

    In practice the majority of officer candidates are graduates, but by no means all. Those branches which do take non-graduates are generally warfare and aviation, logs takes some but not many.

    If you're not qualified for officer entry then you'll need to think about Upper-Yardman promotion into the aircrew career. Again it is possible, roam through the forum as there is quite a lot of discussion about it.

    In terms of working with IT, you'd need a degree to be an engineer officer, so that's not an option. You could be an Engineering Technician (Weapon Engineering) a CIS specialist or a CT. They move through the infrastructure stack, ETs tend to do infrastructure, CIS manage the networks and CTs get involved in using it more than managing it. there isn't much information available about CTs, but there is a thread on the difference between CIS and CT.

    I have employed CTs and CISs in the past, personally speaking if the careers office think that you could be a viable CT then I see no problem with your capability to be a warfare/ aviation officer.

    In terms of preparation for AIB and commissioning then I'd lean towards CIS or ET rather than CT, mainly because it gives exposure to the things that are important for AIB and officer training much more quickly, CT training is quite lengthy.

    You perhaps need to think quite hard about what direction you want your career to take, aviation and IS are different things and if you really want to fly then it might be better to think about becoming qualified for aircrew direct entry rather than the UY route, if you're already HND qualified then you're possibly slightly behind the curve in age terms for aircrew training.
  5. WE officer?????

    Yeah it is a real HND and I do have the opportunity to upgrade to degree in 2 years. The only reason I can't do this is for financial reasons, because my mum is a single parent she can't afford to support me financially any more.

    I'm 20 in a few weeks time so maybe I am too old for pilot. I do want to fly, but I also want to be realistic and not kid myself. I might try and get another day off work next week and go back along to the careers office. One more question, do you know what the waiting list is like for the careers you mentioned?
  6. Weapon engineer

    I don't think you're too old justnow, but taking the UY route would probably add enough time to mean it's not a viable option. I appreciate that it's difficult to get to the careers office but if you are qualified for officer entry, and you want to fly, then I'd push for that. It probably sounds cheesy but at 20 you shouldn't be in a position to have to give up on something like that.

    I think a phone call might give you the opportunity for a decent conversation without having to take a whole day off.

    I'm not in the recruiting game so can't really help in terms of waiting lists, a phone call to the Liaison office whould be able to resolve that.
  7. Does your HND contain units at level 3 maths? Also have you a unit which would equate to an English GCSE at level 1?
    If you have then I see no reason why you are not educationally qualified for the RN.
    At 20 you are probably about the right age to start flying training, certainly no too old.
    However at 20 you have been an adult for two years and should now be looking at standing on your own two feet without parental support (though it is very nice if you get it and most parents will try to help).
    If you haven't got the English and Maths GCSE equivalents then it is probably worth doing them at evening classes, should take about six months .
  8. As long as you have 5 gcse's grade c and up with english and maths as two of them plus with your HND you can be an officer!!

    I am and i only have a national diploma and HND.

    There doesn't seem to be any reason why you cant be aircrew as long as you pass your AIB and medical!!
  9. Thanks for the support guys. Just browsing around and I came across this UCAS points calculator, which if I calculate right means I have 280 UCAS points
    not including my school grades.

    I don't have the 5 GCSE's grade c and above unfortunately. Although there is a college near me that offers courses to better your school grades, they don't start until next summer which means I would be 21 by the time I finish it. Which is why I thought I may as well join the navy and do the courses while I'm in, then at least I can earn a wage.

    I've decided to give the careers office a ring on Monday or Tuesday so I'll let you guys know how I get on if you want.
  10. When you phone them ask if there is any chance of you going to see the recruiting staff to talk over your prospects. Its possible that your HND will be enough for officer entry. However please do not fall into the trap of thinking examinations are the only requirements. To gain entrance as an officer you will need to demonstrate potential leadership skills and also maturity. Plus a lot more besides.

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