Transferring from the Royal Marines


Does anyone here know if it is possible to transfer from the Royal Marines after completing Potential Officer's Course and serving for lets say a few years on operational duty (2-3years). To the Royal Navy as an Officer into the Fleet Air Arm as a Pilot?

Just curious to know if this is possible, as I would love a phyiscally demanding route and eventually apply as a Pilot in the Fleet Air Arm.

Much Appreciated!



Could you please enlighten me with what 'Junglies' mean (hangs head in shame) sorry .

Doesn't make sense to me without knowing what it means ya see :)

thanks! :)


letthecatoutofthebag said:
It is not essential to do the All Arms Course to be a Junglie pilot, but many are (and it couldn't hurt in a "Black Hawk Down" scenario).

I asked a couple of Marines I met a while ago about their pilots and they said they preferred them to have a Green Beret. To be fair I am not sure what current policy is.

Interesting Information! thank you! :)

Much appreciated in helping me make a proper decision.


I'm currently on 848, waiting to join 846, we've got a few RM pilots, and many RM Aircrew. Many of our RN pilots have got thier green lids, but its not essential to have one.