Transferring from the Army to the Navy as an Officer

I'm currently serving as an Officer in the Army and I'm considering a new challenge (too many desk jobs on the horizon). I'm interested in transferring to the senior service as a Warfare Officer or Pilot. I'm looking at transferring next year as a Captain. I will also only be 25 and so I'm still within the age limits for both roles.
Firstly any advice on which path to take?

Secondly, will I be reduced in rank or will automatically become a Lt in the RN? I assume I won't lose pay either way.

Thirdly, will I need to attend BRNC for the entire commissioning course?

Also do I still attend AIB and what is the transfer process and how long will it roughly take?

Finally, can I transfer and stay on AFPS 75 or will I move to 05.

I would appreciate any of your comments

Take this with a pinch of salt but I do know of one or two people who have done this.

Each case is different and the recruiter guys who are on here (and who are very good) will be able to give you chapter and verse on the basics.

I tried to go the other way at about the same rank in 2006 (long story) and you need to be prepared for a complete nightmare.

Transfers keeping seniority are quite a rarity and you may find yourself being encouraged to leave and rejoin rather than go across direct.

This will affect your pay quite severely- especially as you're looking at going back down to officer cadet.

The big issue here is your choice of branch. I knew an army schoolie who came across as a captain. Schoolies join as Lt so she lost no rank, although she did lose seniority. Given that Schoolies drive desks they also shortened the time she had to spend at BRNC down to one term plus 6 weeks IST.

Your problem is that you want to be a warfairy. Given quite how much of BRNC is geared towards warfare, it is quite possible that you will have to do 2 terms if not 3, and then 18 months- 2 years professional training before you get to do a job on your own.

Depending on what you currently do in the army it has to be said that there is not a great deal of crossover between your job at the moment (unless you're a landing craft cox'n) and what you would be doing as either a dabber or WAFU so you are pretty much taking yourself back to square one and asking to be completely retrained. I'm sure your leadership has been weighed off by Sandhurst, but that's about all you're bringing to the party as it were.

Like I say, this is mostly speculation, but I have been in your position and, given that each case is judged on individual merits, I suppose that this might be of some help to you.

Good luck anyway.
oh, one thing I know the definite answer to:

you cannot stay on AFPS 75 if you do this and will move to 05.

BTW, transfer process is a tricky one. There is a set way of doing things which you must follow, and someone with access to what that is can help you with that.

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