Transferring from RN to RFA?

Hello, I am currently serving and am thinking of joining the RFA. Has anyone joined the RFA from the RN on here? Would you be able to shed some light on your experience I.e did you straight transfer or did you have to leave and re apply? What is everyday life like onboard an RFA ship? Is the money and promotion aspects any good for a deck hand? Do you get any perks like marriage quarters or AT? And do you prefer RFA life over RN life?

I read some other posts regarding these kind of things but they were from nearly 10 years ago so may have changed.

Thanks for reading and any help would be much appreciated.


I'm still serving RN, but have been attached to RFA ships as ship's company and my brother is also RFA. Some answers for you include:

You have to leave and rejoin, though you skip phase 1 (i.e. Raleigh) you'll still do phase 2 (i.e. Ralleigh school of seamanship) though you may be able to do this seamlessly if you time your TX and start date well.

RFA as bloody well looked after compared to us- on every ship I've served on, (as a JR) I've had a single man, ensuited cabin. The stand easy's are union enforced. 2 duffs a day and no complaints about going round the buoy for scran. Downsides are when you're on a ship, you're on there for 4 months, no weekends, unless you book leave. That leave comes out of the 3 months you get off work (still on full pay mind) at the end of the 4 you were on.

No marriage quarters or AT, though ships do have gyms. Oh and if you drink- no rationing of beer (or sprits for that matter), but the Choff (1L / XO) does have a breathalyser so no being pissed on watch. Also- if you're sacked, you will have to make your own way home. Medical / dental isn't covered by pusser either if you're at home like it is in the RN.

That's the gist of what I can remember.
Cheers mate pretty much smashed it all in a 1ner, when you were in there did you notice much different in the wages for doing the same job as someone in the RFA?
Not really my Motorman (AB1) brother is on the same as an ETME Ann as an LSC, I’m on the same as an RFA LSA. The only thing is, don’t expect past RN training to put you above the fresh RFA recruits, everyone starts at the bottom of the pile again. On my last ship I had a Motorman work for me who was formally a Chief Stoker. He didn’t mind as he had his RN pension so the RFA was beer tokens.

From what I understand promotion wise, it helps if you have a face that fits apparently.

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