Transferring from RN Phase 2 to RM.

Afternoon all. I was wondering what the protocol is regarding a transfer from RN Phase 2 to RM is? Does it happen? Would the RN staff be supportive of this? I have been back classed, and do not really feel like I can continue my trade training successfully, and I have no intention of transferring to the other branch option given to me. It also means I am in holdover until at least late May.
It has been done before, but it is up to the MOD whether or not you are allowed to - case by case situation.
It depends on branch/trade availability (ie is there a vacant place for you to fill) as well as your mind set and physical fitness. I believe you have to undergo a fitness test prior to leaving the RN and joining the RM. Somebody will be along soon with a kosher answer...


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I'm no expert on these matters, but by applying a little common sense, I reach the conclusion that there is no chance of that happening.


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Best bet is speak to the PSO in your unit.

Generally if you fail phase two training, you're Discharged Unsuitable During Training (DUDT) or for those who fail professional training, you may sometimes be offered a non-tech shortage category branch.

Those wishing to join the Royal Marines usually need to apply afresh, assuming they are recommended further service immediately - the principal being that the service doesn't reward failure, as harsh as that may sound. Those wishing to join the Royal Marines usually wish to join the Corps from the outset, it is not usually considered to be a realistic "fall-back" option.

That said, stranger things happen...

If the PSO and your training team think you are a strong contender for Royal Marine and you meet the medical standards for entry, your recruiting test score will be checked - (re-take if necessary), you'll then need to take the RM PJFT (2 x 1.5 mile runs on a treadmill with a 2% incline - first run in 12mins 30 secs, minute break, second run in less than 10 minutes) if you pass, you'll then be booked onto a PRMC and if successful leave the RN on the friday, go weekend then join the RM as a Recruit, day one, on the Monday. If you fail the PRMC, the odds are you'll be discharged.
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