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Hello, I'm in week 28/31 at CTCRM. I was due to pass out this week, although I fractured 2 metatarsals in my foot and I've been put into hunter company/rehab. Obviously, I can't attempt my commando tests until the injury is fully healed. To be honest, it's fine now, but the physios wont accept that. Not that I doubt his judgment, it's just that I've been told I wont be trooped for 6 months!

It's kind of beaten the s**t out of me really. Up until this point where I feel I've lost the heart for it, yes, I know; If I was to carry on I would make plenty of friends and have the time of my life 'insert further ramble' etc, etc.

Anyhow, during about week 16 (the first time I got a moment alone). I realized that I'm not academically fulfilled. I'm quite sure I would be much suited to a career in the Royal Navy. Engineering/Technician or something. Something that's going to keep my brain ticking over.

Being in RM recruit training, how would I go about this? Obviously, I don't want to leave and start a whole new application with the Navy, that would take forever. I've heard of people being transferred before (even at recruit level).

I would appreciate any input you guys could offer, before I put the whole thing together and speak to my superiors.


There are certain jobs you can do once you've cut your teeth, which will give you plenty of intellectual challenges.
1. Don't wrap, at least not until you've got your lid and are in a unit. The training environment is a god-awful place to make a decision like this. Wait until you're in the Corp, and can see life outside the bullsh*t that is CTCRM.

2. What kind of intellectual challenge do you want? And it's no good shrugging your shoulders and saying "anything". I hope you've had your SQ brief, but in case you haven't, from left of arc, you have spanner-wanking in the forms of VMs (who are deploying as LADs in Cdo units), through Special Duties/Special Forces (who will make you think) to right of arc RM Communications Technicians (who are quite obviously those gravs who can count un-aided!). There is no trade within the RN that doesn't have an SQ equal.

3. An issue of Navy News (the latest one I think) carries details of the fact that lots of SQs that were previously limited at the 2's level (PTI, ML etc), will now be extended down to 3's. IIRC the intention is to have no marine as a GD after their first draft, and indeed a whole host of them will be available straight out of CTCRM.

4. I would suggest that there's lots of challenges available for you, just don't do anything rash. Given the manning climate we're in, if you say you want to wrap I would suggest that you'll be out the door sharpish, and the line for getting into the RN is about 36 months long....
In my day, Brown Bess, Leather Stock, Red Coat and Tricorn Hat etc, it was possible for RN rates to rebadge to the RM but not vice versa, lack of crayons onboard HM Ships IIRC. Stand by for a Careers Advisor to give you the latest gen.
You're bound to suffer a loss of morale in your current state, try to concentrate on your recovery and motivate yourself by remembering why you wanted to join the Corps in the first place.
You should know that there are many trades available to you once you've passed out that could be of interest to you. If not get some info on the more cerebral jobs available and make your interest known ASAP.
You'll have to pass out and probably serve a tour as a Grav, before you get a chance to get on a course for your chosen trade, try your best in all you do, as you'll not only need your brains but also your COs OK to go on courses.
Good luck.


War Hero
Anyhow, during about week 16 (the first time I got a moment alone). I realized that I'm not academically fulfilled. I'm quite sure I would be much suited to a career in the Royal Navy. Engineering/Technician or something. Something that's going to keep my brain ticking over.

Being in RM recruit training, how would I go about this? Obviously, I don't want to leave and start a whole new application with the Navy, that would take forever. I've heard of people being transferred before (even at recruit level).
Not academically fulfilled?

A little whils back there was a recruit troop starting with 55 guys, 17 of which were graduates, a further dozen qualified for Corps Commission. So far as we're aware they did not report a lack of intellectual challenge.

Generally, the Corpsis pretty swept-up when it comes to fulfilling the quest for further qualifications, as listed below.

My guess is the Corps would probably be reluctant to entertain an in-service transfer, and if that's the case, you can expect a two- to three year wait to join the RN as an Engineering Technician at present. (Yep even submarine technical branch entries are being reduced).

if you are good enough to get as far as the commando tests, you are normally good enough to finish them. Those that don't usually bitterly regret quitting: Rejoining...again. (Regrets? I've had a few...) - PRMC - Join the Royal Marines



Public Services Level 2 Apprenticeship Includes key skills Application of Number (AoN) and Communication @ Level 1 and Improving own Learning and Working with Others @ Level 2
British Computer Society Level 1 Certificate for IT Users (ECDL Part 1)
First Aid at Work HSE Certificate for Hunter Coy personnel
Problem Solving key skill Level 2 for Hunter Coy personnel
AoN and Communication Level 2 for Hunter Coy personnel


Armourers (ARM)

ARM3/2 Engineering Maintenance Apprenticeship (Performing Engineering Operations NVQ Level 2, 5 Key Skills plus C&G 2149 Pt 2)
ARM1 Engineering Maintenance Advanced Apprenticeship ( PEO NVQ Level 3, 5 Key Skills plus C&G 2149 Pt 3)

Assault Engineers (AE)

AE3 - C&G 3433/02 General Construction Work(Basic)
AE2 - C&G 3433/03 Intermediate
AE1 - C&G 3433/04 Advanced
BTEC Level 2 Intermediate Cert Relief Operations Skills

Chefs (K)

K2 - Catering & Hospitality (kitchen,larder & pastry) NVQ Level 3
Certificate Intermediate Food Hygiene

Clerks (C)

AdQual Level 2 Introductory Award Administrative Management
C2 Level 3 Certificate in Administrative Management
C1 - Level 4 Diploma in Administrative Management
IAM membership dependent on rank and experience

Communications Technician (CT)

CT2 BTEC Above High Frequency Telecommunications Advanced Certificate
SNCOs/WOs - C&G Senior Awards in Intelligence Management

Drill Leaders (DL)

C&G 7307 (Further & Adult Education Teachers Certificate) Stage 1

Drivers (D)

D3 Driving Goods Vehicles Apprenticeship
D2 Driving Goods Vehicles Advanced Apprenticeship
D1 CILT Level 3 Certificate in Logistics & Transport
CILT membership dependent on rank and experience

Heavy Weapons (HW)

HW2 BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Training & Operational Management

Landing Craft (LC)

LC3 - Level 2 RYA Powerboating
LC2 RYA/MCA Coastal Skipper (shorebased) and Yachtmaster Offshore
LC1 - RYA Yachtmater Practical (Power)
Also available - Diesel Operators Certificate on as required basis

Metalsmiths (MESM)

MESM3 Engineering Maintenance Apprenticeship
MESM 1 Engineering Maintenance Advanced Apprenticeship

Military Police (MP)

MP1 (Attached to SIB) NVQ Level 3/4 Investigations dependent on rank
Close Protection (CP) NVQ Level 3 available to those involved with CP work

Physical Training Instructor (PTI)

PT2 - Coaching, Teaching and Instructing NVQ Level 3
PT1 & 2 BSC(Hons) Degree in Physical Activity, Exercise & Health, Military Services Personnel Degree
Numerous coaching awards
Selected SNCO A1 Assessor

Platoon Weapons (PW)

C&G 7307 (Further & Adult Education Teachers Certificate) Stage 1

Royal Marines Air Crewman

RMAC2 - C&G 5427 Part 1 Certificate
RMAC1 - C&G 5427 Part 2 Certificate

Royal Marine Medical Assistant (RMMA)

All - First Aid at Work HSE Certificate
C&G Certificate & Diploma in Emergency & Primary Health Care.
Mne - Apprenticeship in Health and Social Care
Cpl - Advanced Apprenticeship in Health and Social Care
NVQ Level 4 Learning & Development and A1 Assessor (DMSTC instructors)
Specialist awards available for selected ranks.
Membership of various bodies available dependant on experience and professional training.

Signals (S)

S3 - Communications Technologies (Practitioner) NVQ L2
S2 - Communications Technologies (Professional) NVQ L3
S1 - C&G Licentiateship after 3 years as S1 SNCO. Selected JNCO/SNCO – A1 Assessor
YofS - HND Communications Engineering Management

Stores Accountant (SA)

SA1 CILT Level 3 Higher Certificate in Logistics & Tpt
RQMS CILT Level 5 Professional Diploma in L & T
CILT membership available dependent on rank and experience

Artificer/ Telecommunications Technician (AT/TT)

TT2 EAL Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Engineering and Technology
TT1 Engineering Maintenance NVQ Level 3 & 120 HE credits towards BSc in Electronics Systems Engineering
AT BSc in Electronic Systems Engineering & C&G Licentiateship (Electronics)

Artificer/Vehicle Mechanic (**/VM)

VM3/2 Engineering Maintenance Apprenticeship
VM1 Engineering Maintenance Advanced Apprenticeship
** - BTEC Higher National Diploma (Automotive Engineering)

Initial YO Training

BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Professional Management Studies.
Pathway then open to Level 7 and Masters in Business Administration
City & Guilds Senior Award Licentiateship in Leadership (LCGI)


ILM Level 2 Certificate in Team Leading

Best o' luck in your decision.
Having read what's available for a commando after training.... how would I be able to become a RMMA as a bandie who's been in for 6 years and completed my return of service? I thought I'd ask on here before I ask at work as it would be useful to keep within the Corps rather than transfer to the RN.

I've asked the Joint Force Med group and they say that I could try my upmost to get on courses to aim towards emergency response quals but the MAs are no doubt put on them first and I have little chance unfortunately. We are trained to deploy on RFA Argus as the primary casulty handling group and as ambulance drivers etc in Afghan, unfortunately my draft was too late to get the training on the Argus earlier this year and I'm sure my FA2s are out of date.

Many thanks for your time.
Grass isn't always greener on the other side. Stick at it Frog and you'll be glad you did. As **** says there are loads of things you can do once you're in.
Judging from your other post I get the impression that you are not happy where you are and want to be a medic, of any flavour, your best bet is to slap a transfer request in as it isn't going to happen for you as a Bandy, that is the cold, hard truth of it.
It doesn't necessarily mean that I am unhappy. I would hate to give up music but it's very difficult to get a job as a musician outside, no matter how skilled you are. Even teachers are fighting for every post. That's why I'm looking for information on the forums to see if I can retrain before I get too old to change jobs. Then I have a better chance when I decide to go outside.
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