Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Jock92, Jan 4, 2009.

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  1. Hi everyone...

    just wandering...

    If you wanted at raleigh to change to sm... is it possible??

    any comments appreciated.. :)
  2. Do you mean in initial training Jock?
    If so, then I would say it can't help to make your feelings known, but really it is at the trade training part that things can happen :)

    Edited for spelling like a drunken monkey ;)
  3. It is possible subject to branch manager's approval/medical status etc. Speak to divisional staff and the PSO whilst in Phase One. Good luck.
  4. alrite thanks.. just thought to get a little info there, thanks lads.

    @ Lamri : yeah initial training..
  5. Jock I've just reread my utter dross of a post.
    I meant to say it can't NOT help to make your feelings known, in fact the sooner the better.
  6. yeah... thanks mate..
  7. Sorry before I start but I am a grumpy old ex submariner so in many peoples eyes can be excused BUT why don't you blokes that want to do things with your Naval career speak to your Divisional Officer, Divisional Chief/Warrant Officer whatever.
    When I was in the mob we had a thing called a Drafting Preference card which your drafting preferences wishes were made known. Do these things still exist?
    Also we had request forms whereby you could request everything from growing a beard to swapping drafts don't these exist anymore?
    OK so this is a forum patronised by thousands of serving and ex Naval personnel again BUT we haven't a clue of your personal circumstances and in a lot of cases the rules and regs regarding drafting, manpower allocation etc.
  8. Poly the bloke was only asking a question that many might be thinking mate :)

    Any options regarding a career move like that should be made perfectly clear at all times I'm sure you'll agree, but what if it isn't and the lad is a bit unsure of who to ask?

    Better then "What colour trainers do I have to take?" or "Should I get my haircut/take my nosering out before I get to Raleigh?" :D
  9. Sorry but if he is unsure about a career move as I said he should speak to his DO thats what the bloke is there for.
    Can you honestly say that the advice you give is genuine advice? You can cast an opinion. You as I said, have no idea as to this bloke personal circumstances etc where as his DO has his papers etc and would be the best person to advise as to whether Jock can join boats from Raleigh.
    My advice would be just get training out the way first see how things pan out 'get some time in' before commiting yourself to something ie try a year or so in 'Gens' before commiting yourself to a life in an sea going sewer pipe.
    Anyway Jock bon chance in everything and anything you do. I did lots of years in boats and enjoyed most of them(Bombers were crap!!) But I also did a few years in 'Gens' and enjoyed most of them as well and was glad of the experience so don't just dismiss General Service as it will give you a good grounding for submarines. Again I reiterate go and speak to your DO again thats what he is there for.
  10. Erm, thanks for that Poly, I actually DID tell him to make his feelings known, but thanks again for not bothering to actually READ my fcuking post, short as it was.
    All the best for the new year.
  11. Sorry I'm a busy blokeI can't read everything its hard work living in france!!
  12. Git
  13. im not unsure mate just getting a bit of info advice...
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Whilst in phase one training, you will be given a presentation on the submarine service.

    If you like what you see, you are further invited to visit the submarine school in Raleigh. It's up to the individual if they wish to volunteer for boats at that point, but again it would involve a chat with the Personnel Selection Officer, as stated by Polto.

    Drakey is the ideal chap to give further detail with regard transferring, however it's a one-way street- submariners cannot decide to opt out if they join as a submariner whilst in training.
  15. On a similar subject, is it possible (or likely?) to join the RN as a WO submariner with the intention of transferring to general service 2 or 3 years after you get your dolphins?

    I'm keen to experience the boats but know in my heart that I want to end up on surface ships.


  16. If by WO you mean Warrant Officer, I'm afraid not. If only that were possible it would save so much time waiting for promotion. You can transfer to general service (subject to manning approval and the service requirement) but not many do because they are not prepared to change to a lower salary. Go with your "heart", join general service and then volunteer for submarines later on in your career.
  17. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'm sure you're taking the p***, but I'll bite anyway, he means warfare officer.
  18. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Shipmate, much of what you're talking about here has been replaced by the computerised world of JPA; overcomplicated, impersonal and has the sole aim of making the life of writers easier.
  19. Agree with Drakey. See a bit of the surface fleet first if only you do one or two deployments you'll appreciate it in the long run.
    Yes Lamri I'm a git, next!
  20. No I wasn't taking the pi**. But admittedly my reply was slightly tongue-in-cheek.

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