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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by foa...hopefully, Aug 27, 2008.

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  1. hey guys. im a SAC in the RAF really considering joining the submarine service. I was just wondering if anyone knows the route of going about transfering and what it might entail. For example will i have to go through basic training all over again etc.

    Any help wud b appreiated
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    Ninja or Mario will be along directly
  3. Hope it all goes weel mate. BTW you have to be mad to be a submariner, it realy helps.
  4. My brother transfered from RAF to RN years ago and I don't remember him doing basic training again.
    I wouldn't think you would have to do the Raleigh stage as you will have alredy done that, but they do the damage control training in Raleigh so you might have to do a course there, just not the marching and being shouted at bit.
  5. The damage control at raleigh isnt much of a course. Rather a qucik look then get you very wet and scare the crap out of you. We did a proper course in phase 2.
  6. cheers guys. ur help is apreciated
  7. Good luck in joining the Brotherhood
  8. Hi,

    The process for transferring from the RAF to the RN is as follows:-

    1. Request permission to transfer from the RAF, if they say yes all well and good, if they say no then you will have to leave the RAF and then apply to join the RN.

    2. If they say yes, you will then be put in contact with your nearest AFCO, who will then process you for joining I.E. RT test, Interview, Medical, fitness test etc. During this process your careers advisor will request permission to process form the Directorate of Naval recruiting. They will tell us what training you will need to undergo to join. Normally if you've had previous service then you would go straight to phase 2 training (Trade training).

    3. If you have to leave the RAF, then you will need to take all of your discharge paperwork and a copy of your latest payslip into an AFCO and then apply to re-join the armed forces. I.E. full processing (As above). Again you will be told whether you need to undergo full selection.

    Hope this helps

    Neil - Supermario

  9. you will have to do basic training at raleigh as you are transfering in from another service
  10. Wrong.

    You may have to but it is by no means certain - see stirling's link.
  11. Gawd the'll take anyone now! How desperate is the RN these days. Glad I'm a 'strawberry mivvy'
  12. Any chance of transferring to boats from my hard life here on the Costa Blanca. Just 62 with loads of experience ( a submarine Jack Dusty par excellance from the 60's&70's ) I would need about 12 weeks about & no watches after 2100. It would also be helpful to start a half forenoon watch as I seldom rise before 0930. I'm afraid that humping big boxes is out of the question, in fact humping anything is probably out of the question.
    I would also need looking after on runs ashore possibly including the services of the sick bay tiffy.
    Apart from that put me in with the crabfat
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  13. Am currently in phase 1 training and a friend in my entry is ex-Army. He is also joining as a submariner. So there is a chance you be made to do phase 1 like my mate had to.
  14. Indeed, all the ex army recruits that have come through our doors in the last three years or so have undergone Phase One. We had one guy last year who had just left Iraq - he did Phase One. I believe those in power like to ensure that all recruits are steeped in some good old naval ethos prior to commencing Phase 2. Which is nice. :rendeer:

  15. Also you need to teach them not to keep banging their feet when marching, not to kill and spit roast every small mammal within 500 yards, how to sleep in a bed or bunk not a muddy hole in the ground and that Booties really are nice people even if they insist in having their shirt sleeves rolled up every single day of the year.

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    You're about 70 years too late.
  17. You're 7 years to late, the last post on the subject was in 2008 ;)
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    Poster 'Jonny' posted today. He's since self deleted
  19. Bugger, what did he say??

    Must have been a good one!

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