Transfering into the Submariners

Hi i'm currently in the Royal Signals as a Supply Specialist, i'm looking at transfering over to the logistic trade but was wondering what life is really like on a sub and what the best trade is to go for? honest answers please, many thanks
Hi Scalie and welcome. There are a lot of comments around here already about being on boats. Assuming you are not after a bite, the RN only has nuclear boats, which though a lot bigger than the conventional boats they replaced, remain to some, very claustrophobic.The biggest compartment (room) is probably one of either the wardroom, senior or junior rates messes and this is probably about the size of your lounge at home. As a qualified Senior Rating, you share your tiny bedroom with 32 other smelly chaps, no chappesses allowed. If you are anywhere near 6 feet tall, you will smash your head many times. Still interested?

Oh yes, you get shedloads more cash as well!! And 5th watch.And hotel accomodation if you are lucky enough to go foreign. And job satisfaction.
Thanks or your info Sonar, I guess I will be smashing my head then! The claustrophobia doesn't really bother me, I'm just after a change I've been looking at changing service for awhile now and the boats seem like a total change and the extra money helps! I have read on here that you first recommend going on fleet first then joining later on is this viable with the logistic trade? how is manning at the moment for both fleet and boats? many thanks in advance.
I'm afraid I can't help you on that, as I've been outside a while now. But I was general service (surface ships) first and had a ball there too. Either way, it will certainly be a change, as the cultural changes from being a pongo (with all the BS) to a matelot (with significantly less BS) will be amazing!

I remember playing rugby against an Army team, and the lads had to call the Ruperts Sir on the playing field! As in 'man on Sir, to me'!!!

In the words of Nike - just do it!!

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