Transferer from Army to the Navy

Wonder if any one can help me answering a few questions am interested in transferring from the army to the navy I wish to transfer to Supply as I am currently supplier in the army. I am currently a LCpl the questions I have are:

1. Is it possible to transfer from army to navy or is it case of sign off the army the day you leave join the navy?
2. I know that if I was to transfer branch within the Army my pay would not be affected but how does it work if you change service?
3.Does any one know how long the waiting list is for supply in the navy?
4. I understand I am starting all over again but I have seen on the OVAL list that I could
start of as a Leading Rating is this same as LCpl or Cpl

If there any one out there that has done this before be interested in any advice or tips

Thank for any help!


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If the Army grant manning clearance for an 'in-service' transfer, you are quids-in. In my experience (13 years as a careers adviser) , whilst it is entirely feasible, it seldom happens as the source service are rarely prepared to take-on the 'admin-burden' of a transfer.

Most RN Logistic branches have a waiting list of 3 to 6 months for those applying afresh.

My tip? At the very least, speak to a local AFCO before you start clicking the exit buttons on JPA if the Army do not permit a seamless transfer. Sit the RN Recruit Test before you do anything.

Other considerations, to help ensure you avoid being jobless: be aware any ccjs or unresolved loan/credit card defaulted payments could stop you transferring. Pending court appearances or unspent convictions can also be a bar to entry. Some medical conditions, although they may not result in discharge from the Army, can prevent entry into the RN.

As a L/Cpl, unless joining into a tri-service trained and qualified role/branch/trade, can expect to join as an AB2 recruit on the New Entry rate of pay. Once fully trained, you maybe placed on a similar pay increment, taking into account your former service. But, it is unlikely you will automatically inherit your former seniority/rank. That said, your former service may greatly assist your future promotion prospects. Ultimately, the Approval to Process letter will fully detail the terms and conditions of a transfer or fresh application - if it doesn't suit, tell 'em to poke it.

Good luck.


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Further to the above, I appreciate there are several internal schemes to recruit for the Navy, from the Army to redress the manning balance & would add that if there is an established mechanism in place (such as REME personnel transferring to ET(ME)) then the manning clearance aspect is not relevant.

Just to add, L/Cpl is equivalent to AB1, which is OR-3, Increment Levels 8 and 9, not Leading Rate, which is OR-4.