Transfer to upper deck?

So this is my situation, I have an AIB pass for full time that expires in March.

I was wondering what the procedure for transferring from rating to officer is. Does anyone know how quickly this can be done?

I presume you go straight into BRNC prep classes......?

Thanks, blimy

(before I get incoming about wasting RNR time before I join full time, I am reapplying to AIB from scratch for full time)


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Not sure I understand the question but never mind - It can take quite a long time and is much more difficult. You'll need to show that you are worthy of consideration before you can even start the process off formally. Much easier to join as an Officer straight from "outiside" than get promoted from within.
Sorry about the confusing question. To put it simply, what do I need to do to get transferred to the upper deck (I have already passed my AIB) and how long is this likely to take?


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If you have already passed your AIB, why join as a rating? Nothing wrong with joining as a rating, I hasten to add, I did & went to BRNC 7 years later. In my view, though, if you join as a rating and then try and get promoted it can take a long time as you will have to prove yourself and this can be more difficult when your superiors can judge your abilities and potential at close quarters over a period of time, rather than just over 3 days at the AIB!
Friend of mine joined as a chockhead reached the heights of PO then tranferred to officer about 86/7 He is currently a serving Commander.
One of my ex-DOs is still a L Cdr.
blimy said:
I'm already in the RNR as a rating, hence the transfer to upper deck.

Talk to your unit training officer, they should be able to answer your question.

Frankly I rather expect that you can skip all the pre-AIB, proving yourself worthy crap. You've been recognised as having the potential by far more qualified people than your RNR DO.
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