Transfer to MPGS From Royal Navy

This might be in the wrong fourm but here goes,

Has anyone on here had any expirence of transfering form the RN into the MPGS. I already have all the relevant documents and Army Forms. But my unit dosnt seem to be too clued up about the process even though it states in the docs I have on what the process is. I dont know if it's just a case of they cant be bothered the are reluctant to let me transfer.

So I would like some info/evidence form any one that has done so I can go back to them and say this is the process and this is how it's done?

Most important thing is to arrange with your local hospital for a full charisma bypass, followed by a frontal lobotomy. Without these procedures you will be ineligable for MPGS.
...............................Your unit HR, typically, will know f*ck all about anything out of the ordinary. You probably need to talk to your Career Manager or someone in West Battery responsible for your particular branch.
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