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Evening all,

Was hoping someone could help shed some light on this...I'm looking at transferring to MA (i'm already in the RN) and was told by an MA (who had just completed their training quite recently) that the course for medics was meant to be changing in the future, she mentioned that the 'Defence medic' course gave you more/better qualifications as apposed to the original MA course (which she had just recently completed).
Would anyone be able to help clear this up for me please as to wether this is true?

Many thanks in advance!


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Your best bet is to contact the Branch Manager through your Divisional Senior Rate/Divisional Officer. It is likely any changes will be dual or tri-service, but specific course content and specifically transferable educational accreditation may not yet be announced.

Certainly at AFCO level, I've not seen anything in print yet nor heard any rumours.
Ninja_Stoker, alfred,

Thanks for the swift replies, in that case i'll have a chat with my DO then about getting in touch with the branch manager about this.

Cheers lads!
I always thought that the medics were the perfect example of tri-service integration (eg all training together at Keogh) with all contributing equally to major operations and back home in the MDHUs.

That was until I tried to have an RN medical at an Army sickbay (or whatever it is they call them)!


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The first Defence Medic course started on May 18th at DMS Whittington, with a completion date of around the Summer next year.
The course is more intense that what has gone before especially in the terms of assessment and theory needed to meet the standards.
Much of the course is due to be released, but the first part is currently led by West Midlands Ambulance and is at their standard, so it is quite cheeky.
The medical manning folk are helpful, especially the WO.
Good luck
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