Transfer to Deck Cadet after AIB?

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I don't have the required B grade in science to qualify for entry to the RFA as a Deck Cadet, however i do have the degree required to attempt the AIB to enter the RN as a Warfare Officer.

My question is, If I managed passed the AIB on my way into the RN as a Warfare Officer could i then transfer onto the RFA to be a Deck Cadet instead of continuing into the RN??

I realise the amount of work that would have to be put in to pass AIB and the amount of knowledge i would have to acquire, but i think if it were possible i would prefer the RFA.


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Apply as a deck rating then hope to go RTO.

Sitting the AIB doesn't upgrade your science grade.

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Why not just study and take the GCSE privately? There's plenty of tutors and online resources available. If you want to be a RFA Deck Cadet so badly, that seems like the obvious way to do it.
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