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Transfer to Australian Navy


Has anyone ever heard of this officer being able to transfer to one of the Commonwealth Navies?

I don't know about Officer transfers per se, but my old Warrant 1 transfered to the RAN about 12 months ago as an LT.


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It most definitely can be done, I know a CPOCT who has recently transfered to the RAN, had to drop a rank initially, but is now on his way back to CPO again. He's absolutely loving it. I've heard of a few others doing it as well. There's information about it at;

Edited to add,

If you click on the testimonial, that's the guy I know.


I know its going back a bit, but an oppo of mine transferred to the RAN in 90 as a scribes just out of part iv, got his hook withing 12 months, contacted through forces reunited a couple of years ago he was a Lt then. - His parent had emigrated (dad was an ex jossman) so that helped him, but if a rating can do it, I don't see why an ossifer can't.


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I know numerous people that have trf over the years. Details used to be in DCIs(now DIIs?), but usually involves an interview at the Oz Embassy in London. If you meet their requirements the trf usually happens within months, if the mob will let you go, but you need to become an Oz citizen, I believe, thus giving up your right to be a UK citizen. Talk to the UPO


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Darkershadeofblu - There is absolutely no requirement for anyone emigrating to Australia to give up their British citizenship. Australia like Britiain allows dual citizenship, so you have the best of both worlds. If you join the RAN you are required to apply for Aussie citizenship and your family are entitled to apply after spending 3(?) years there.

As regards the original question the Canadian forces and RNZN also welcome transferees in areas where they have shortages. The main difference being the RAN is an expanding not contracting organisation. You may have to join at a rank or rate lower but promotion is competitive. Many ex-RNers have done well in the RAN and a couple have reached 2 star.

Just to confirm what F169 says about dual citizenship. Many of our friends in Oz have children who have taken out passports from the European country of their parents birth, mainly UK but also Italy and Spain so they can enter the EC and work as and when they like.

I can confirm this one can take out Australian citzenship and still keep your British one, therefore being a duel national, I know I have both Aus & British.I can also asure you that loads of lads etc of all the services have transfered to the Aussie forces, others have moved out there after demob and then joined up there within a certain time frame, as I did.

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My mum's cousin transfered to the Aussie navy around 12 yrs ago and loves it. He was a LT at the time (If I rem correctly). He said that the Aussie Navy gave him more oppotunies than the RN did.

Do they still not do a month transfer?
F169. I went into the Aus Army from the Andrew, but worked real close with the R A N on many occasions, it was the R A N that ferryied lots of our lads up to Nam in that not to be forgotton war, and played a vital part in it. I mixed with them and swung the lamp with them, there were plenty of x pats amoungst the navy lads as there were in the Army and R A A F, I found the R A N bods to be easy going , proud and professional, get on with the job and whinge later ( typical servicemen & women). The Aussie I,ve found are proud of their service ,proud of their country and proud of their flag, ( no matter what their past ethnic origins were).Theres a saying in Oz , Our Country ,Our Flag ,Our Heritage,and servicepeople past and present are respected, one only has to watch our Anzac day services and Veitnam Vets day (Long Tan etc) services and Rememberance day services throughout the country which are getting bigger every year.Yes I found the Australian Navy ,Army and R A A F though easy going to be on a par with any Armed service, and more power to it and our servicemen and women.

My husband is a PO Wtr and we are looking to move over to australia and wondered if it would be possible for him to transfer over to the Australian Navy?? He has 5 years left to do but would sign on again if he got transferred??

Can anyone give us any advice??



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Maybe a play on words however you can not "transfer" to the RAN. You must first actually leave the RN. The application process can however be ongoing during your RN service. You must therefore complete your engagement or submit your notice. The RAN has been over in the UK recruiting actively in both Portsmouth and Plymouth areas.Amongst others they are particularly keen to hear from submariners of the SSM and TSM branches. The RAN has a manned online recruiting info line.



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tranmerelad said:

My husband is a PO Wtr and we are looking to move over to australia and wondered if it would be possible for him to transfer over to the Australian Navy?? He has 5 years left to do but would sign on again if he got transferred??

Can anyone give us any advice??


It's a bit early for him at the moment. They will only begin processing an application when he has under 2 years to go. I have just started looking into it (3 years to go). Go to the RAN website and it will give you all the information you need to see if they require his branch.


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Mikh - you mate sounds very familiar. I knew a Wtr in 88 / 89 who was attempting to transfer to the RAN. His parents were already out there and his dad was (I'm pretty certain) an ex RN Joss. See your PMs.

The aussies pay really well (I am writing this in the home of an aussie officer) and they look after you. They also thrash you at work and there is less of a work hard - play hard mentality as we have in the RN. In saying all of this I dont know anyone who has made the leap and regretted it.

If you are condsidering the RNZN (The kiwi navy) then take a serious look at their pay / benefits / leave as they are definatelty the poor cousin of the RAN.


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Come on down, the waters lovely!

Can't comment on the RAN but life downunder wins hands down.

And the aussies respect ALL servicemen. Having read that crap re Cambridge and uniform etc. - here it is not unusual for a group of servicemen using a civil airport to be applauded as they file pass in their desert drabs.

Go for it, mate, and good luck.


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I've been looking into joing the RAN or RNZN quite seriously for about a year as I'm royally fed up with waiting to be promoted and an increasing host of other issues about the RN.

I'm quite lucky in that in the last three years as well as playing in the sandpit I've been to Aus and NZ quite often to work with their military. I can back up what has been said so far - I was actively courted, they are desperate for good people with current skills and they have a lot to offer professionally. Both are on the up but the RNZN as has been said before despite the new build programme is very much the poorer cousin. All depends on the pace of life you want.

Whilst its said they both pay well, there is a large drop when you try and compare it back to UK salaries but then again the overall cost of living in Aus and NZ is much lower so you won't feel like you have taken a drop and house prices are very realistic (I've mainly looked in Melbourne/Perth and their surrounds). If you do take the jump and sell up in the UK and buy down under whilst you may be mortgage free if you ever tried to come back to the UK then you'd have snags. My plan would be to retain a house in the UK rent it out and but down under and live with a smaller mortgage at least until I was 1000% sure we were going to stay.

For me, the sticking point is how you can be moved all over the country - which is very large - I have two friends a METOC and a Warfairy who have joined the RAN, both are doing really well and have enjoyed their time but the amount of moves and the distances would freak out my family. So for the time being I'm still pondering, to stay (wait for promotion), join the RAN, or leave Defence and get a civilian job.

Look at ARRSE there are some good threads there from people who have been across, are still across and considering the move. All very informative.
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