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Hi all.

Looked at this site for a while now and decided to register as it seems to have a lot of sensible posters and I dare say some chaps who can help with a query of mine....

As you've probably guessed from the thread title I am currently a serving bootncek but am considering the once unimaginable transfer to the blue side! My reasons for this are simple, all though admitting to myself that it was a viable option were less of an easy step lol! Basically i'm currently a L/CPL, have served 4 years now and want to a PTI. I know I could obviously do this within the corps but due to family commitments, my missus and I live on the South coast, I feel that doing it within the RN will be a better option for me personally. I know lads have done it in the past and it isn't that uncommon. So I wondered if anybody had any ideas how i'd go about it?

I have spoken to the schooly at my current base and made some very tentative initial enquiries. He was under the impression that it would be fairly pain free so long as I could get a recommendation to go PTI. My last report reflected as much and went as far as stating that I could and would pass the RM course should I choose to do it. This is another reason that I considered the transfer.......phys is my passion and all I want to be doing now and for the rest of my time within HMF's. So would I be right in thinking that if this transfer happened and I successfully became a RN PTI then that would be my sole role? Obviously as a bootneck PTI you are still a section commander within a unit and this is not something I really want now.

Any help or advice would be very much appreciated!


PS - advice from any corps pissed lads is not required thanks! haha.
Janner, you do have to have done another SQ / trade / branch or whatever yes mate. But apparently if they think you've got the aptitude then time served within the corps would count.....or so i'm led to believe!

Wrecker L, you may be right. I'll certainly be asking if that is going to be the way to go. Cheers!
I have know Lads that have jumped ship to the RN, with them time served with the Corps counted. Your biggest problem is going to be getting the Corps to release you, is there still a mile long queue to join the LC branch? If so that could go in your favour:)

Just out of curiosity if you transfer and If you could no longer be a PTI due to injury etc, what would be your second option within the RN for a job?

Best of luck Ten
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If it's stability your after then become a PTI in the Corps and buy a house in the Exeter area. With the A38/M5 next door your a 45- 60 minute drive from 40, 42, logs and CTC is on your doorstep. 45 is moving south in a few years as well. RN PTI's deploy on ships so you'll not get out of seperations from the missus if that's a concern.
Best of luck with whichever route you chose and take a trip to "Trago Mills" the next time you head down the A38 to Guz, they have a hoofing mirror selection. :)
Adding to Blobby's post by the time you crack your PT2's, JCC and a minimum of two years at the PT school, you will be looking at around 3-4 years in the Exmouth area. Then there are other options besides section commander billets available.
Does the position regarding transfers into sideways entry branches not get promulgated on an RNTM nowadays? I've definitely seen signals with status in the past but seem to think I've seen an RNTM with details fairly recently.

I'm hoping that we've learned our lessons about recruiting freezes coupled with redundancies causing black holes years later, but aren't the clubzwingers getting a hammering in the latest tranche of redundancies?

I reckon get rid of the whole branch and for shoreside contract out to Fitness First, BritMilFit or some other similar company. As for Ships, offer up some form of voluntary adqual for anyone who fancies using their spare capacity to run circuits and RNFTs etc. It could be similar to the way you get Ship's Phots?
I reckon get rid of the whole branch and for shoreside contract out to Fitness First, BritMilFit or some other similar company. As for Ships, offer up some form of voluntary adqual for anyone who fancies using their spare capacity to run circuits and RNFTs etc. It could be similar to the way you get Ship's Phots?
You do have a point. As well as farming out the PW, DL and any other billets for "training" Staff in the UK and have some form of volunteer Adqual for running ranges, training evolutions etc whilst overseas.
Plus the companies you mention will have their own liabiltiy insurance, therefore saving the MOD cash on compensation for injuries etc. Imagine the savings on mirrors too!=)
Alright tentoes. There is a big que for certain braches as per usual. LC wise, my mate got a course fairly easily. Even things like Mortars aren't the 3-5 year waiting list these days........all though some will tell you otherwise. And yes you and Blobby have probably got it spot on. It may make more sense doing the 2's course and then transfering at a later date if that is still what I think is my best route. Settling down in Exmouth isn't really an option as A) I hate towns where you are surronded by bootnecks, matlots, pongos or whoever. Work is work for me and I don't like the atmosphere the majority create when they're out together.....well not enough to have it constantly. And B) It's Pompey that I live in.....and aint moving any time soon. That's the main reason I am considering the transfer. All though as Blobby says, unless I got a decent term shore draft in or very close to the city then it would sort of counter-act any reason to make the move!!

As for the idea of getting rid of the branch aint gonna happen. I'm looking more at the RM than the Navy, but I imagine they are exactly the same, and you've got to consider the fact that the corps has a MASSIVE hard on for being self-sustainable and not needing anybody else. To then go to tender for outside agencies to come in and run ranges, (as an example,) just won't work.

On the PTI aspect, the bootneck instructors taking nods through are needed for reasons that speak for themselves. RN wise I know a few and know how hard they do work, yes including looking in mirrors lads(!) and I know from my experiences on ship that they do a host of other jobs. Plus there is the whole debate about military being military and civie street being exactly that. The amount of money that would have to be spent on reaserch, "try-outs," and then training the selected civvie companies to deliver an exact format that forces boys and girls will respond too is just not viable. Let's be fair, a hell of a lot of people in the forces do nothing but drip about civvies so if and when that experiment went tits up we'd be screwed.

If it aint broke don't fix it and all that is what i'm trying to say!

Anyway enough of my rambles. Cheers for the advice!

Oh and Ten, there isn't another SQ within the Navy for me.....just like there isn't one in the corps that I want. It's pretty much do or die with the PTI route!!
I know you didn't really miss the sarcasm in my last post ;-) and I can't blame you for not wanting to settle in "pussersville"!

Best of luck Bud
If you haven't already, get qualified as a PTI within the RM as it'll help you in a transfer over to the blue side as this is how most of the other former RM PTIs have done it in recent years. The justification is usually because the RM PTI has a limited time span and always returns to the source branch, whereas the blue one doesn't.


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You dont have to live in Pussersville to be close to to the main traffic routes in the SW mate, if you go the RM PTI route just make easy access to the road network a big part of your house hunting.

Do PTI's go down the physiotherapy route as well as "around my beautiful body and back" stuff? Just thinking if they do that'll narrow down your draft options if that's what you're after.
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