Transfer of Civvy Range quals to the RN

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by spur52, Sep 30, 2009.

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  1. Im due to start at Raleigh on 21st march 2010 as an ET(WE) and although it doesnt pertain to me just yet, once i have passed out of Raleigh and have officially reached the dizzy heights of a baby engineer, can i transfer my civvy range quals into the RN.

    I hold Range Conductor Quals in civvy street (SA(SR)07) but wasnt sure if the RN would recognise them.
  2. What the does the qualification allow you do to do. From what I read it allows you to use cadet weapons.

    I doubt it will have any relevance in RN, but I'm no expert. I'm pretty sure you will have to do all the same training as everyone else once you get in
  3. Not entirely sure whether they would be recognised, very much doubt it but the point I would make is that it would be very unwise to bring it up to the range staff during training. If having some experience helps you along then great, but dont be the nobber who comes across as someone who thinks they know it all....BIG mistake!!
  4. Your best course of action is to wait until you get to the NMT school for your small arms training. Make sure that your instuctors know right from the get go that you are more qualified to conduct the training than they are.
    Demonstrate your strength of character by refusing to be shouted down on this issue, its the only way you will get any respect.

    Good luck
  5. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    Top advice there. Clanky knows what he's on about. Don't back down when you're on the range-make sure you tell them what quals you've got. :thumright:
  6. Nothing wrong with butts party, we all had to do it at some point lol
  7. Don't want to dash your hopes. In 22 years I fired a 303 u/t at Raleigh.
    SLR at Brawdy when they first came into service.
    9mm pistol and smg on P.O,s course and that was it.
    There is an unwritten law about giving Jack a gun..............don't do it!!
    A whistle and a pick axe handle is much safer :D
  8. Cheers fellas i get the idea.
  9. As an ET(WE) you will probably go on a range once a year at best, in order to conduct your NAPWT.

    You will never have any reason to conduct a range ever unless you reach PO and branch transfer to Gunner/AWW/or whatever the fcukery it's called these days.

    However, there are plenty of shooting clubs and associations within the Armed Forces where they take part in target shooting and civvy competitions, I'm sure they will welcome you with open arms.

    As previously pointed out make sure everyone at Raleigh knows about your experience, I would suggest putting a framed copy of your range quals above your bed.
  10. With some of your targets from the last shoot you went on. Also did you know you can buy extra parts for you rifle such as plastic mags and a custom Foregrip here You can then add a laser pointer and torch and show up at the range looking like a proffessional and all the instructors will br mightily impressed and pass you straight away.
  11. For the really proffessional look, you can't beat a custom paint job on your gat. Go for the Royal Marine look with snow camo.
  12. Ooo snow camo how Gucci will you look then, think of all the jelous looks you will get people will be in awe of you they will know you are the business then.
  13. It might be worth taking some matching snow camo clothing to really look the part. It means you won't get your uniform dirty on the ranges either.
  14. Not forgetting to purchase a red dot scope for those quick kills which you will have to perform when in a SPO team on board.
  15. They issue these to the RF now. Just ask the XO when you get onboard and he will sort you out with one.

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