Transfer of Army (Service ?) personnel

I read about this firstly on the BBC news app. He wants to take Faslane, one RAF base army regiments some ships to have SCottish Defence Force.

The guy is a throbber.

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More to it than just personnel (for whom transfer would have to be individual, and voluntary, and include guarantees from scotland regarding pension rights).

Most important is TRIDENT. The credibility of our deterrent can only be undermined if it is based on foreign soil, with submarine deployment exposed to the risks of capricious interference, particularly given the apparent left-wing leanings of the Scottish population.

The only way out of this is to move the entire nuclear deterrent system from Faslane to a new, secure base under UK control - Falmouth would seem to me to be the only viable location - never mind what the (vast) costs of this relocation will be. The Scotch for their part need to be made aware of the cost to the Scottish economy of the loss of thousands of Government salaries, a self-inflicted injury.

Also we stand to lose the ability to patrol and control the northern approaches to our island and I hope (but doubt) that our Government understands this, and has an answer to this problem.
I was based at Coulport during the '87 election when the Labour Party were espousing unilateral nuclear disarmament. We had immense fun with the civvies trying to explain that their tribal voting patterns meant that they were voting themselves out of a job.
I would imagine that nothing has changed, and there will be Numpties who vote without realising what independance actually means.
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Isn't there some parallels with the 'Last King of Scotland' (Idi Amin) in this man's soundbites, he claimed one of the Scots rehiments didn't he ?
Very informative P_T. Thanks

On another thought, if there is to be a vote in Scotland, I haven't seen anything (could've missed it possibly when I've dozed !) on who will be eligible for voting ..... Scottish born citizens only , or everyone/anyone who lives, votes etc in Scotland.
I have rellies there, and they do not seem to have heard much, apart from the very regular soundbites from Alex Salmond.

Oh Well .....!
Read somewhere Mr Salmon wants to lower the voting age to 16.

If he doles out bottles of Buckfast and fried Mars bars to this age group, he may get his way!

Prepare your Braveheart faces...
- Falmouth would seem to me to be the only viable location -
That would be AMAZING! - Unfortunately it's not a Licensed Site, and it takes years to get one and at the risk of inflaming local public opinion. Devonport is Licensed but I don't know where you'd stow the warheads.

IMO any move from Faslane would be disastrous. It would take many years and millions of pounds to relocate and would certainly mean a break in CASD. It might re-ignite the whole "do we really need Trident" debate when they realise the additional costs. The local economy would suffer greatly.

I think we should just declare Faslane and Coulport as Sovereign Base Areas like those in Cyprus. That way we wouldn't be occupying Scottish territory and the locals could still work there.

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