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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by army_brat, Jan 1, 2007.

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  1. I am currently at Sandhurst and whilst i am enjoying it (sort of!) i was considering a transfer to the Royal Navy. I would be most interested in the Submarine Service. I imagine asking for an Interview with the Royal Navy Liaison Officer at Sandhurst would be the way forward?

    Anyone any suggestions about how easy / difficult this would be to do. I understand i would have to do the Admirality Interview Board.

    Cheers people.
  2. The first question they are likely to ask is why? Was there a flash of light or a gradual dawning on you that you had made the wrong choice?

    Seriously though, I agree with TT. It would probably be easier to explore other options within the Army if you're looking for a transfer from whatever your chosen field is. If however, you are pretty serious about the RN then I commend your [belated] wise decision, but you will need to make sure that you are able to explain why and what it is you really want. You say SM service but doing what exactly and why SMs and not GS or FAA, etc.

    If you are after more information then there are a raft of experts on this site. Ask specific questions about branches, careers, etc and you will get answers tailored for your needs. This will help you to make a more informed decision and ensure that you have done your homework before dropping the bomb on the guys at Sandhurst.

  3. I know of 2 ex-REME guys who joined the SM service in 2003. They are both currently serving in their first SM jobs now as engineer officers. One was involved in staffing the others paperwork and decided that it was such a good scheme he would have a go as well! They effectively left the Army (both had been Captains) and re-joined the Navy as Direct Entry Graduates. Obviously in their cases they were well past Sandhurst.
  4. Are you mad, we are all looking for the exit before turning off the lights!!!

    I am currently serving at an army base and am tentativley looking at a transfer myself - at least there appears to be a future in the army!!

    In all honesty though, I spent my last sea time on an SSBN as the Logistics Officer and loved it. Developed a very thick skin. We had a guy on my professional course who transferred from the RAF without too many probs. Are you Infantry, Cav, AGC, Signals, REME, RE or something else?
  5. I have registered to ask a similar question. I am mid twenties, soldier, and leaving the army.

    Currently downgraded P3 with collapsed arches, what are my chances of joining the RN at a later date when I'm fixed, if I'm discharged as P3 from the army? Any advice appreciated.

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