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Hello all,

Previous to a post I made a while back (won't bore you with the details), I've been given a potential life line to stay in the mob. I've been made PMU submarines by INM due to a long standing injury. Long story short, I'm able to keep my pain under control with medication and should I hopefully pass a fire fighting assessment later this month, there's no reason why I can't return to my previous permanent med cat and continue on with my career, albeit now on surface ships.

I was previously internal comms on boats and would be happy to stay within the comms aspect of the job. However having come from submarines, I have absolutely no clue what to expect, where I can get drafted etc. I know there's a real shortage of LETWE's at the moment and have been told that I could probably pick and choose where I go. I don't mind where I go or what unit I serve on. The idea of an accompanied draft abroad somewhere is very appealing, but don't know how realistic that is? For reasons I won't explain, the Family's had a pretty crappy few years and a change of scenery might do them good. I'm hoping some of you here might have a bit more knowledge than I have and any advice would be much appreciated. I've tried to visit my respective career manager, but haven't been able to speak to him as I think he's on terminal leave.

Thanks for your time
generally, being an LETWE you would be in demand.

Plymouth, Pompey or Faslane. Get your JPA in order with your preferences.
When you know what the score is, contact your current career manager (you will have one in your base port) and see what they say. Ask them if possible to 'tag' you to a dockyard/base port

Plymouth. Type 23s, Ocean, Albion and Bulwark and the Survey ships

Pompey. T23s, T45s, small ships and soon soon enough, the new carriers

Fasers (hell). Small ships

go for it. I know a few who have moved over from the SM service and they all wish they did (or could have) years ago
be prepared for walls to be put up in front of you. or things taking a while.

god knows why. At the moment, you would not belong to any general service manning plot. So you should be welcome to any base port. Obviously, the needs of the service and all that wazz comes in to play but i pretty sure, all parts of the service are short of LETWEs
What stream are you? That could be a significant influence on where you can be employed.

Are you an ET(WE)1, selected for LET or already an LET(WE)? Again, will have an influence.

If you are CIS stream LET then I would recommend that you request to do the ET-LET(WE)(CIS) conversion course to convert you from being a submariner to GS. This would give you the increased skill set of the new integrated stream and widen your employability further, opens up not just the LET WE jobs but those which were formerly LS(CIS) - plenty of opportunities for LFS!

That said, in the CIS stream we're not as short of "operator" trained LETs as we are of "engineering" trained LETs so there could be no guarantee but if you completed the conversion course you would expect to be initially employed in the "operator" world to demonstrate sea competence.

I'm already an LET(WE) and I was a sensors killick. I'd happily stay sensors but to be honest if it keeps me in the job, I'll go wherever I'm needed!

Thanks for your help

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