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I'm new on this site but I'm currently in the RNR waiting for my transfer to be approved to the regulars.

I have been waiting for this since October 2015.

I'm guessing this is pretty standard now? Does anyone know why the wait/backlog is so long??

It seems mad the government spending all this money on recruiting/advertising for the regulars when they have a back log of reservists wanting to join up.


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No it's not mad. Arguably the political ramifications of less people in the Reserves in greater than less people in the Regular Forces. Discuss...


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Depends whether you join as a trained rank, part trained or untrained and whether it's being processed "seamlessly" by your RNR unit or whether your AFCO is handling the transfer. If your unit is handling the transfer, then it is of no benefit to the RNR and could be viewed and treated as an admin burden rather than as a gain from which they benefit.

If it's a seamless transfer straight onto the trained strength then it should be fairly swift. If you require just branch training or complete training, then there are several variables.

For complete training, it depends how many are already waiting to join in that branch and how many training places and intakes there are. A person joining from the RNR is not going to jump the queue.

For those joining as a part-trained entrant, the training place will only become available when someone in Raleigh is discharged in the same branch leaving a spare place in phase two.

The approval to transfer bit seems to take two or three months at present and the delays are usually down to the receiving branch manager deciding what vacancies there are & at what level you transfer across.

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