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Transfer From RN to RFA CPOET WE to Systems Engineer Officer


Hi i was just wondering if any one has done this.

I'm currently a CPOET(WE) (Afftificer) and have served for 12 years. Just looking for a change, i like the idea of 4 months on 84 days off,

I guess i would be suited towards a System Engineer Officer as that's where all my experience is in.

Are there any jumps in promotion or would i have to start at the bottom and work my way up, which would mean i take a hefty pay cut


Promotion in the RFA is quite literally dead man's shoes; if you do go across don't expect to be anything above a 3/o or 2/o for a while.


War Hero
Having just left the RN, it was an avenue I considered and researched, also I spent 4 months on Fort Vic, so I know what the environment is like, to be frank they aren't taking any SEs on, it is literally dead man's shoes, one in one out, you might see an uptake in recruitment once the new ships are delivered, but this is a hopeful assumption.
The variation in pay is if you qualify for the 185 day rule out of UK waters,and not spending more than 28 days in Uk during that annual period, which is quite tricky, and appointment dependant. Then you would get your tax back.
To be honest you're better off researching offshore work as an EO on cruises, tankers, survey, etc, better financially rewarded than RFA, and the home/sea ratio is better, plus you never have to do a BOST again


MCTAs good lol just fancy a changed as a whole. Something with guaranteed time on time off

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Starting salary as 3/O(SE) is £31,183 including all permanent allowances, currently rising by c. £1,100 per year for seven years on incremental salary scales. MoD has announced an intention to do away with incremental salary scales based solely on seniority for a different, as yet unannounced system.

2/O(SE) pay tops out at £48,815.

Promotion to 2/O is usually quite prompt in the SE branch.


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There are no 'transfers' between the RFA and RFA. You (intend to) leave one and then apply to join the other. There has been one exception that I know of, more a fast track for an unusual reason. Fancying a change before your RN time is up is unlikely to impress the RFA at your application stage and is sort of robbing Peter to pay Paul. That said, indications are that the engineering branch (ME & SE) of the RFA appear to be losing engineering officers faster than they can recruit them ( whether qualified or growing cadets and RTOs) so they may jump at the chance to take you on.

Megalopteron knows what he's talking about.
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The RFA are currently looking for System Engineer Officers. If you are still interested in a career with RFA you should contact the local career office or the RFA recruitment in Portsmouth you can also get details via the RN website
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