Transfer from RM to Navy Diver


Hi, I am currently in the marines as a class 1 vehicle mechanic and wanting to transfer to navy mine clearance diver. I currently have return of service but I’m not sure if it matters if I transfer within the naval service I know a few oppos who have transferred to marine engineer submariners and I can see why that is an attractive choice but it is not for me.

I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge about transferring with return of service I have only recently finished the class 1 course it carries 36 months return of service for some unknown reason extremely long for a course which offers very little in return. I have tried to put my notice in which has been rejected. I wanted to be a commercial diver if i left and becoming a diver in the navy I would at least be a leap in the right direction. Hopefully I would enjoy the job and possibly stay in for the full 22.

I already know that there is a waiting list for navy divers and that it would go to a navy employability board they might turn around and make me complete 3 years as a vehicle inspector.

Has anyone transferred within the navy with ROS which isn’t subs ?


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They aren't recruiting Divers at the moment. There's a post elsewhere on here announcing a moratorium on Diver recruiting.

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