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Morning gents, been on here a while reading though some of the posts and enjoying the banter ripping the young one! Anyway I am looking (already submitted papers) to transfer over to the ME world on the Boats. I'm only young (cough) myself having done just over 18 years in the REME and currently a SSGT. I have decided I need a new challenge as my next job takes me further away than I already am from the trade I joined up to do. I know there probably isn't a direct or easy answer but whats the general training package and timelines I would have to do to get to the boats? I believe there is a possibility of bespoke courses fast tracked but I have not had any firm answers yet as obviously this isn't the norm. If anyone has transferred or knows someone that has done roughly the same, any info would be great, The possibility of staying in the services longer than the Army would allow and having the pension carry on, along with something totally different should hopefully get the interest level running hot again.

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going over as a CPO stoker on boats.???
a massive amount of nuclear experience jumped there, why on earth would you want to do this move now in your career?

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Funky, I doubt I would go over as a CPO due to the fact I don't have any experience on boats more likely PO. If I make the move now I still have a potential 20 years service left in me. I enjoy the service life the reason I'm transferring is simply because my current job has little to no prospects and promotion to WO2 would take me further away from the trade I joined to do. There is no real job at that rank, even as a Staffy I rarely do my actual trade it's all bone tasks that I have absolutely no interest in doing. There are a lot of people in the Army i.e Infantry that have no real day to day job and you end up wiping their arses as they don't have a clue about anything other than sticking a bayonet or a bullet in something. It is very monotonous and I need a new challenge, to be fair I wish I had looked at it a lot earlier in my career.

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