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Here goes this is a bit weird so please try and stay with me.

I am an ex submariner of 5 years both 'S' and 'T' class. I left the RN and spent 5 years trying to be a civvy, I had joint applications to join the Army or rejoin the service as a (SSM). Army came up first and given my situation at the time I chose the Army as it came up first.
I did however pass all tests and medicals to rejoin and had all but a date from Glasgow. it was just security clearance that was stopping me (timescale not rejection). If i remember rightly i get 2 years before i have to restart the process from scratch.
Basically If I were to transfer back would this be quicker and easier given everything is pretty much in place.

Any help greatly appreciated as im in the midst of making my decision as i cant seem to let go of the salty sea dog in me!


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If you have yet to join the Army, then as a trained RN re-entrant intending to rejoin in the same former trade within 5 years or leaving,then we would need to gain your former service docs (about a month) request permission to process (another month) and, providing you former trade branch manager has vacancies & your former service reports indicate you are recommended further Naval Service, then you just need to undertake selection interview, PJFT & transfer Security Clearance...Then wait for an allocated entry date to undergo any phase two update/re-training as dictated by the branch manager.

We're pretty toppers at the moment, so re-entry is by no means a dead cert.

Best of luck


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If you are already in the Army, providing you're not in receipt of a redundancy payment, then generally the Army insist you leave to rejoin the Naval service, although logically it makes to try everything to transfer whilst still serving - if there are any vacancies & the Army agrees.

Over 5 years outside the mob, would quite p[ossibly mean you start from scratch - and wait many moons to gain a new entry training place...
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As stated above, All but given the date to rejoin so all paperwork has been witness photocopied etc etc, I am currently serving in the Army and have been for a year. I would assume going for Submariner would always help my chances as the RN always struggled to fill boats. I was told I would rejoin dolphin and have no need to do basic again so it boiled odwn to course availibility and my old CHOPS was there and told me it would be more of a refresher to get me up to date and asses my skill fade. I dont see how or why is should have to leave one force to join another when its the same employer....... the old tri-sevice chestnut. I have all my old paygrade a letter from glasgow to that effect.
I changed from the Army in 2008 and even though it felt like a transfer, technically I left the Army on the Saturday and joined the RN on the Sunday. I too kept my pay grade for 2yrs (I believe that is standard), but you need to speak to your line manager who would then contact your Career Officer. Hope this helps.

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