Transfer from Army/RAF to Royal Marines CO?


Ahhh, thanks Spare_rib, I thought it was getting too complicated to conceive of a way round the age limit - coz there is no way round it. Is there anywhere where that is written officially like on a website? I don't doubt you know what your talking about but, for closure, I would like to see something official saying - No you can't. Also I assume that doesn't apply to the AAC?


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It is written in BR 8374 (Officers Training Regs), which is unfortunately not available on the web. But your ACLO would be able to confirm. And yes, the Army Air Corp NCO route might still be an option. But you have to do at least 4 years in the Army and selected for Corporal beforehand - so not a quick option! More info here:
Good luck with whatever you decide to do!
Not really. You are in effect going from a non-Infantry capbadge, to an Infantry capbadge, whilst also changing service.

The Corps is overborne with young enough applicants to become Officers, why would it take an older one? You would have a much better chance of joining an Army Corps (R SIGNALS and INT CORPS spring to mind) and then lucking out on an attachment as a 2 Lt and being asked to join an Infantry Regiment. I've seen it happen twice (once per Corp I've mentioned), so that is definitely possible.

But you won't be a pilot, or a ML.


I think at 26 you're too old to be an Officer in the Army too aside from AGC who still max out at 29.


Ok, fair enough. I didn't think being a few months older then the upper age limit would put such a check against my name - all sounds a bit bureaucratic. But I guess dems the rules


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CO as an acronym for Commissioned Officer is incorrect (if that's what you mean), as it means something different to us serving personnel.

You can't 'transfer' a commission into the RM, as far as I am aware. Youd have to do all the RM Officer Recruit training from scratch.

Certain RN Officer trades (possibly a Junglie pilot?) would perhaps have the opportunity to do the AACC, which would get you a green lid, but you'd still be Navy. Ninja will be along with a definitive answer soon.


I don't see why there's so much beating around the bush. Your best chance of infantry-style action is probably going SF, which should tell you how unlikely any of these ideas are. Going in with any expectation of some crazy one-of-a-kind transfer scheme is absolute lunacy.


Thanks for the heads up guys, I get the consensus that its not going to happen. Like I say, I would be happy to do a lot of things in the military - pilot was just the ultimate pop, but hey ho.