Tranche 2

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Lurchio, Jan 17, 2012.

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  1. Anyone seen the DIN yet?, just waiting for it to pop up on the intranet.
  2. Yes.

    Pack your bags.
  3. Just read the DIN, not in the bracket, infact no Engineering trades in the bracket
  4. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    But we have our eye on you....... Yes you at the back....

    Very bloody for Senior Officers and Loggies.
  5. Apparently it affects the following:


    Cdr – Warfare, Logistics, Dental
    Lt Cdr – Logistics
    Lt – AV, Logistics


    WO1 – PT, MA
    CPO – PT, MA, WS(AWT)
    PO – PT, MA, NA(AH), NA(Phot), NA(AC)
    LH – PT, MA, NA(AH), NA(Phot)
    AB – MA, WS, WS(AWT), WS(EW), WS(UW), WS(AWW), NA(AH), Logs(Std), Logs(SC),
  6. No suprises there then.
  7. Really? Considering how short the branch is, the below ids very surprising.

  8. Start packing your bags
  9. I'm not eligible, otherwise I would have volunteered!
  10. I thought your branch over the last couple of years did a massive recruitment drive sideways and direct entry?
  11. Phew...that was close....
  12. We did, didnt work though, you cant account for people not being able to pass the course. And a quarter of the branch leaving to take jobs in Abu Dhabi.
  13. And five Commodores apparently...
    Not forgetting the 17 Captains...
  15. Considering your branch, I'd do that on a weekend with no MoD Plod about!!
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  16. They'll get you next time!
  17. my notice in...they'll have to be quick!!
  18. They could make you a "speshul" case!
  19. And we all know how speshul I am....!!

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