Trams and boats and planes.

"The great Coronation Street Tram Trauma of 2010".

Somehow - having a tram crash does not conjur up
visions of doom, death and disaster. Should have
been a Quantas jet airliner.....get rid of the f***ing
lot of them all at once. A Tram? Sorry - didn't work
for me. An asteroid the size of Wigan colliding with
*The Rovers Return* during happy hour....there's
spectacle. All the same it wasn't a bad live episode
if I say so myself. Proves even soap folk can act
when given the chance.

Now awaiting the "Emmerdale Bouncy Castle Cataclysm 2011"

Swiftly followed by "The Eastenders Segway Smash up" somewhere
in Albert Square in the New Year.

There all coming soon 'cos I read about them in the wifes Take-a-Break.


Lantern Swinger
But the tram driver has been given an award for services to Great Britain.

Despite losing controll of the Tram on the bridge. He still managed to hit the Paki shop !!
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