Tramps and beggars.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by SONAR-BENDER, Feb 26, 2013.

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  1. I'm afraid that I don't normally have much time for tramps and beggars. Not even if they have a cute puppy dog - why have they all got a cute puppy dog? Why do none of them have an old dog? And what happens to the slightly ex puppy? And most of them smoke and/or have a can on the go, so not very subtle asking for more cash. Some I have even seen with the new 'must have' fashion accessory of big headphones for their iPods etc. One was even using a Kindle - I kid you not!

    But our local one would only beg until he had enough for his bread and a bottle of water, then he'd actually refuse any more cash!

    Anyway, to the point. Normally they say 'got 5p for a cup of tea mate?' or similar.

    Well, last Sunday in the Barras, Glasgow I was so gobsmacked that I gave him some dosh.............'ho mate, got some change for a bottle of wine?'

  2. happens all the time..
  3. Last Summer, in Bath, the Abbey crowd/crusties numbered 2 ex British Army and 1 ex Ukraine Army.
  5. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    Well it has been quite cold recently...
  6. Where have i been hiding? where have YOU been hiding, they junkies are everywhere asking for your loose shrapnel for their smack and tonic. 'Where have i been hiding' very good, if in doubt just talk shite eh.
  7. Buckie.....?
  8. It's just a term drug addicts use for "fix".
    Well it is in the midlands.
  9. Methadone is what we called their tonic, so I suppose it stems from there.
  10. Is that why the Boomtown Rats released an album called "A Tonic for the Troops"?

    I never got any...bastards!
  11. Yes sniggers it is, and when you've had to move a few of their dead stinking hides into the meat wagon you would not find much humour in it either.
  12. One night about 8 years ago we tossed a coin with the fire eaters who would put this stiff on the stretcher, and get her down to the road from a partially collapsed building.
    We lost and as we went to lift her the torso split open.
    The coroners note to our boss regarding the amount of vomit levels was quite amusing. And long.

  13. I suppose it was more in house but the coroner kept making reference to the DNA swabs taken from the vomit matching three people not the cadaver, and the amount of it. She also made reference to DNA from sperm samples, and not matching the vomit group.
    My mate reckoned shagging his missus was like shaggin the dead and our boss asked if he'd been making comparison checks.
    There was three samples (DNA) taken from urine so fuck knows what that was about.
    All I remember was the fuckin smell of a months old stiff.
    Reminded me of the scran at Pembroke barracks.
  14. As the attending officer ( first on scene at an A12, the form for sudden death) it falls on you to attend the post mortem.
    I went to my first totally unprepared and it was a druggie they pulled out the grand union canal.
    Been in there a few weeks under the overgrowth on the bank.
    Fuckin hell what a fuckin stink and a fuckin abomination to the senses.
    Fair play to the coroner, I could no sooner open that up as fly concord.
  15. The home of naval cooking.
    Now there's an oxymoron.
  16. By the sounds of it you obviously live in some snooty place of Glasgow, away from the reality, where have you been hiding charlie, Newton Mearns?

    Last edited: Mar 1, 2013
  17. Bollocks - let's boogie.

  18. Heard a dit when at Cambridge about some stiffs washing up on the beach, story went they rousted out the baby gunners filled them with rum and sent them down to bag up the bits, arms and legs falling off etc, was you around there then or hear similar
  19. Never heard that one mate.
    In the early 70's in Pompey a diver accelerated his Gemini too fast by accident and fell over the arse end. The bastard went round in a circle and came back and split his head open. Sent him under and despite searching for about two days could not find him.
    Couple of weeks later after a very low tide he popped up, they recon he must have been trapped under a jetty or something.
    Anyhow duty hands off two ships and some divers had to recover what was left. They sunk a canvas screen one side raised it the other and hoisted the mash that was L/S .............into the boat. My oppo was one of the duty hands, he would not touch meat for weeks, reckoned the smell was fuckin rank. They did get splicers for it.
  20. Shades of the Med in '74 when th Dev got closed up to recover bodies from the Turkish Destroyer that the Turks sunk (friendly fire). Bodies had been in hte water some time ... not pleasant!

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