Trampolining and gymnastics

Discussion in 'Hobbies & The Great Indoors' started by becky_w_84, May 22, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know if this is available to do in the Navy? Or dance?
  2. How would matelots get fit without circuit training, effortously tossing medicine balls across the gym and justifying endless hours getting nice sharp creases in their spotlessly white PT shorts? o_O

    As for dance, if your avatar is an actual piccy of yourself, then I'm sure there'll be no shortage of matelots volunteering to teach you the intracacies of The Hornpipe! :razz:
  3. or demonstrating the matelot shuffle ..........
  4. There used to be a Spanish nightclub in Southsea that was known as the Naval School of Dancing.
  5. Yes that is me! :lol:
  6. The COs orders say that no names etc; are used which I think is a load of kak. If people want to identify themselves they should be allowed to do so.
  7. really? ok
  8. Well i'm actually extra excited about joining up now thanks to you perves! Let the fun begin! haha :sign10:
  9. Sorry, this isn't actually answering your question in the context of today's RN, but didn't we have the Trampoline Ladies World Champion of the late eighties in the RN, or WRNS as would have been then? Not sure if I am allowed to put the name even in this context. (Google could only confirm where she trained, but not that she was actually serving.) I remember visiting the 'old' Temeraire gym before I joined and seeing her training. Apologies if I am taking the thread off track, but even if it was a long time ago, it does show that if you are a good sportsperson in any sport or discipline the RN is likely to encourage you.

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