Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by dublinclontarf, Oct 14, 2008.

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  1. What a cnut.
  2. Nah he's worse than that :violent3:
  3. Sorry i was being polite.
  4. Can you still be hanged for that? If not, send the b#gger back to Tehran.
  5. Sorry lads, we will have to get used to this. The country is now so civilised and inclusive that it will eventually destroy itself.
  6. I hope they make an example of him.
  7. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Hmmmmmmmm looks like the salsa dancer might just be up to his neck in it.

    This reminded me of something I read on a Comms Tech related thread on here.

    Mark Dennis QC's comments "He had become aggrieved and somewhat bitter at his lack of promotion, particularly given his work in Afghanistan,"

    "He began to complain to others about what he perceived as discrimination against him in the Army - linking racist attitudes to his lack of promotion."
  8. Moderator point

    The report highlights evidence being presented by the prosecution, which may or may not lead to a conviction. Until such time as the jury reaches a decision he isn't a traitor per se, he just might be.

    I'll leave the thread open for now, but bear in mind the point.
  9. No.
  10. Interesting that they have seen fit to publish his home address. Whilst I do not condone his actions (if proven) regardless of his guilt it is wrong to publish this information. Next thing you know they'll start to publish the personal details of anyone who is up for Court Martial, etc.

    Hate Journos!!

  11. If you read the text of the assholes description, surely, (and dont call me shirley), a flag or two should have been raiased
  12. Now we're accusing him of being an asshole! Shirley that has to be proven too :biggrin: ... or maybe not. All that whinging about not getting promoted and the reasons why. We're hearing too much of that these days. Chances are, when you're consistently passed over for promotion it's probably time to take a good long look in the mirror.

  13. Wondering what the problem is here?

    Shirley by now all the info required has been left behind on a train or left on a park bench someplace by a Civil Serpent!
  14. Yes possibly ... probably (even) but you're straying from the topic. I mean, civil serpents aren't traitorous ... are they?


  15. Main Entry:
    trai·tor Listen to the pronunciation of traitor
    Middle English traytour, from Anglo-French traitre, from Latin traditor, from tradere to hand over, deliver, betray, from trans-, tra- trans- + dare to give — more at date
    13th century

    1 : one who betrays another's trust or is false to an obligation or duty 2 : one who commits treason
  16. Have we met?
  17. I'm sure I would have remembered if we had.


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