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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by guestm, Jun 8, 2010.

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  1. That's it, I've had enough.

    Stupid flags on everyone's cars, pubs draped in cheap "Come on England" flags, grown men in football shirts and wank Engerland t-shirts. Mass football induced xenophobia including the hatred of countries that these bulldog tattooed morons have no idea of. 8000 rubbish songs about how we're going to win. Retards singing half an England song after 3 pints EVERY night in the boozer. No proper news in the papers or on the radio. Mars ruining World in motion. Coke ruining the build up. Mcdonalds ruining everything. No likeable England players. No likeable manager. Faux hardmen starting fights with German girls. Women with painted faces screaming at the telly in the pub trying to be "one of the lads". Kebab shops getting their windows put out. Everyone convinced that we even have a chance.

    Once I loved the World Cup, it was the best thing ever. Now I can't wait for England to get knocked out so I can actually enjoy it. It's been ruined by mong.

    RIP The FIFA World cup. 1930-1990.

    Come on France.
  2. I did hear that the government are concerned that mens penises are not what they used to be and are therefore conducting a survey.To assist them they have asked any male with a penis under three inches to fly a white flag with a red cross on their car.
  3. Look on the bright side, it's easier to spot chav cars on the road and the retards when you go into the pub.
  4. What is this World Cup you speak of?

    I thought the polo was last weekend?
  5. I have found a way of renewing my love for the once great world cup.
    "How?" i hear you say.
    Well the fact that i am the single englishman in my local pub and i can give as good as i get when it comes to banter.
    even during the soccer aid game the other night it was more like England v Scotland
    This is why i wont be watching any of this tournament in chavland or wearing an England top they know who i support and the only time i wear sports tops is when i am actually doing sports not including Darts and Pool.
  6. Move to foreign climes I hear you say? Hmm, that might work.
  7. This is the peasant’s version. It involves 22 semi-literate mongs chasing a bit of a pig round a muddy field for 90 minutes whilst being cheered on by several thousand drunken white supremacists.
    The gentry can enjoy this pastime by locating themselves at a suitable vantage point with a large gun and taking pot-shots.
  8. Thank you for enlightening me Sir!
  9. How are we going to get away with fielding that many players?
  10. It does i even found a local that has several old gobshites who think the world revolves around there village
    I do love (politely) verbally assaulting them till the inevitable happens and they swamp themselves and have to leave the look in their eyes when the landlord chucks them out over an englishman who has drank there for 9 months is a beautiful mixture of confusion, repulsion, self pity and despair.
    It does it for me.
  11. Well, I intend to move to Alsace so that should do. I wonder if they drive around with tricolores on their cars and have chicken tattoos.
  12. Tradition dictates that half of the 22 are foreign. It gives the white supremacists someone to shout at and helps the semi-literate mongs grasp the concept of 'team'.
  13. A Professor has found after extensive research there are two sizes of
    penis amongst uk men. There are those which fall within the normal
    size range and those which are less than two inches while erect. The
    professor has appealed for help to continue his research . Could all
    men in the uk with extremly small penises make themselves known over
    the next six weeks by flying a white flag with a red cross from their
    cars ?
  14. After yesterday's epic influx of 'tards we could field enough players for an entire league!
  15. That's a good point. Brings a whole new meaning when describing someones dribbling skills.
  16. Intrigued by the above comments I decided to do a little research into this so called football.

    I'm not sure what you lot are getting at, it appears to tick all my boxes, violence, mongs, tits, beer, it looks fcuking awesome to me!
  17. I thought thats what i said?
  18. It's a cyber echo
  19. echo
  20. echo

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