Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by shugmyster, Nov 13, 2012.

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  1. i am going up for my selection interview on the 20th nov, i am trying to get as much info as poss so i have some answers about the navy when asked. i will be trying to get into the submarine service as a warfare/sonar specialist, could someone please tell me where phase 1 and phase 2 take place, i think phase 1 is at hms releigh.
  2. 7 Days - good luck!
  3. Google HMS Raleigh or the RN website for all that, you've got some reading to do before the weeks out.
  4. You think Phase 1 is at Raleigh and you've no clue where Phase 2 is.

    Did you bother reading anything the AFCO gave you or maybe try looking on the RN website?
  5. You arent going to get far in the interview if you 'think' phase 1 is at HMS Raleigh.

    The amount of time it took you to sign up here and write your post you couldve searched for your answers on the Navy's website!

    Phase 1 = HMS Raleigh for 10 weeks
    Phase 2 = HMS Raleigh at the Submarine School for 5 months

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