Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by samadash, Jan 27, 2010.

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  1. I have nearly finished all my SEA(RES) training but have yet to get a straight answer on if I need to complete the 'Safe deckhands course' .
    I am asking this as I am an ex regular who left over ten years ago as a Leading hand.
  2. Dude if you're AB2 and going to AB1 then it's necessary as it's in the matrix. See PM.
  3. I'm and AB1 and haven't done it.

    They took into account the amount of time spent on ships and decided that it wasn't a requirement. I've done loads of sweeper weekends - or I did when the MTD's and travel budget was sufficient. I'd also been to sea on ORT several times.

    I would PM SO2SEAMAN with your details and you should get a straight answer.
  4. I think it's fair to say you should get a waiver based on experience, unless you have some **** (non ex RN) folks above you in your unit who try to make you do it 'because you've got to', or 'it's in the rules'.

    If you're ex-mob then chances are it'll have been done at some point in your career, even if you don't realise it. There have been precedentsfor commond sense, even in the RNR before now - Lol!

    For the record I went down for it along with an oppo who had done loads of years as a Matelot and the PO running the course decided in the first ten minutes that the pair of us should thin out and just check in with him periodically during the week to make sure we could confirm we were up to speed with what was going to take place that am/pm. Once that had been established we were excused duties for the rest of the day and went back to do the exam on the thursday. We did get asked to help others on the course during the dog watch if anyone needed extra help with knots etc, but common sense prevailed and we did what we needed to.
  5. Had a similar experience. PO instructor clocked that we are not phase 1 mongs, resulting in us thinning out for much of the day each day. "Come back for the exam on Thursday."

    It's a week's doss. It's part of regular new entry training, so the courses run almost weekly. There are 2 RNR slots available per course.
  6. Samadash, if you are the ex killick chef that served in HMS Ledbury, then waiver was approved this morning. If not, pse pm or email me and I will look into the matter.
    SO2Seaman (out of country - again!)

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